NEWW-Poland Joins Eurostep

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The Eurostep - one of the larges development network in Europe - at the General Assembly meeting in Slovenia, June 13th, 2008, has accepted NEWW-Poland as one of its member organizations.


Eurostep Mission Statement: A Vision for the Future
Re-affirmation as the NGO network focusing on European development co-operation with a politically progressive secular identity committed to promoting a forward looking agenda, that offers:
  • an active Europe-wide, membership based involvement in the global social movement , with the secretariat offering a Brussels based focal point;

  • Partnership with civil society from the Asia, Africa and Latin America with an ongoing structured involvement of southern partner networks (through, with or independent from present membership of Eurostep );

  • centre of knowledge on European development co-operation based on analysis on which advocacy and campaign strategies are built;

  • Effective advocacy and campaigning strategies on EU development policies designed and implemented jointly with civil society organisations in Europe and the south;

  • Capacity building on advocacy on Europe's co-operation with developing countries ;

  • politically progressive influence in Europe's NGO coordination
Eurostep is a network of autonomous European non-governmental development organisations working towards peace, justice and equality in a world free of poverty. Its membership, rooted in their own societies, works together to influence Europe's role in the world, particularly in pursuing the eradication of injustice and poverty. It advocates changes in Europe's policies and practice based on the perspectives drawn from direct experiences of an active involvement of its members and their partners in development in over 100 countries across the world. Approach to development

Eurostep members believe that the eradication of injustice and poverty and a more equitable distribution of resources are essential to achieve peace and stability in the world. These objectives can be achieved through concerted action and political will, particularly by governments, but also by civil society and corporate sector actors in so-called developed and developing countries.

Focus on Europe: Its role in the world

Eurostep members believe that in an increasingly globalised world Europe has a key role and responsibility to foster an environment where people can live in peace and security, have effective control of their own lives, enjoy their basic rights and a sustainable livelihood with respectful use of the earth's resources. Europe's responsibility extends beyond its own citizens, to the worldwide community as a whole, both for the current generation and for generations to come.

Eurostep members believe that Europe's social dimension offers a solid basis on which to promote an international world order where the peaceful coexistence of all peoples can flourish, where inequalities and injustice can diminish and where poverty can be eradicated. Europe's values of tolerance, plurality, multiculturalism, and its repect for human rights, democracy and the rule of law, together with its commitment to the redistribution of resources provide the opportunity to pursue co-operation and partnership between the people of Europe and the rest of the world based on equality and solidarity.

Eurostep members believe that in fulfilling this role Europe should:
  • As a global power, pursue its relations with the rest of the world responsibly promoting good governance and global justice and equity.

  • Uphold and respect international law, and work to strengthen the means to ensure its universal adherence. Europe should also put into practice the political promises made in the Millennium Goals, on debt relief, on development aid, and other international development agreements.

  • encourage and enable the growth of an autonomous, vibrant and diverse civil society within Europe itself and in the rest of the world.

  • ensure that its own corporate sector adheres to international law and is accountable (in financial, social and environmental terms), and takes full responsibility for the chain of interaction between production and consumption internationally as well as nationally.
Part of the Global social movement

Eurostep members believe that civil society and the social movement across the world plays a critical role in ensuring the accountability of governments, official institutions, and the corporate sector. Eurostep members commit themselves, as development organisations, to being an active part of the global social movement which concerns itself with the eradication of injustice and poverty, and to build partnership and collaboration with civil society groups and organisations within the movement based on principals of equality, transparency and mutual respect.

Characteristics of members

Member organisation's of Eurostep are:
  • Development organisations based in European countries, well connected to the citizens and civil society of their own country.

  • Actively involved in working for the eradication of injustice and poverty in developing countries.

  • Autonomous organisations who regardless of their relationships can be seen to play an independent and critical role towards political parties, state, religious and corporate institutions.
  • Actively involved in the global social movement.

  • Committed to working for effective policy changes of European governments, institutions and the corporate sector to allow the development of a just and equitable world.

  • Are guided in their activities by a common set of values and standards regarding respect to human rights, for practices of real and participatory democracy, peaceful relations, equality and solidarity between peoples, genders, societies and nations.

  • Are committed to being fully transparent, accountable and coherent in their policies and practice regarding what they demand of others and are/adhere to themselves.
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