Watch Gender in EU Developmental Aid with Us!

News author: Zofia Lapniewska
Source of news: EU-CIS Gender Watch
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Launch of the EU-CIS Gender Watch reports on Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Czech Rep and Hungary: Gender Equality in EU Developmental Aid

Monday 23rd of June, 14:00-16:30

Eurostep, rue Stevin 115, 1000 Brussels


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to an NGO meeting for the launch of the Network of East-West Women-Polska report: “EU-CIS Gender Watch”, facilitated by Eurostep and EEPA.

The main objectives of the EU-CIS Gender Watch project is to enable women’s NGOs and networks in new member states, the Caucasus and within the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) to cooperate in monitoring and lobbying the European Commission and EU national governments. The aim is to ensure that EU commitments on gender equality are translated into policy, action and allocation of resources in EU and EC cooperation with the countries of the region.

National gender experts from Armenia, Ukraine and Georgia, 3 of the EU’s partners within the ENP, and three of the EU’s new member states, Bulgaria, Hungary and the Czech Republic have produced reports. The reports assess the focus on gender in both national and EU strategies with the objective of highlighting the lack of targeted support for gender equality and the need for new EU member states and the European neighbourhood states to cooperate on gender issues.

NEWW, based in Poland, has a strong interest in networking with NGOs and strengthening joint efforts in the field of gender and development. Thus we are arranging this NGO meeting to take place in connection to the launch of the reports, a roundtable discussion with EU officials, and bilateral meetings.

You will receive a draft agenda and the country reports as soon as they become available. We are looking forward to your participation.

To register for the meeting, please send your name and the name of your organisation to:



14.00-14.15       Introduction by Simon Stocker, Director of Eurostep

14.15-14.35       Presentation of EU-CIS Gender Watch Project & Reports by Zofia Lapniewska, 
                        Project Coordinator in NEWW, Recommendations by experts from CEE Region

14.35-14.45       Questions & clarifications

14.45-15.00       Coffee/Tea

15.00-15.20       Presentation by Nathalie Ewing, Concorde Secretariat: Gender Working Group: “Cooperation &
                        Strategizing with partners in developing countries”.

15.20-15.30       Questions & clarifications

15.30-16.30        How we can act together to promote women’s rights in developmental aid? NGO and Networks
                         achievements. Experiences in lobbying. Ideas for the future momentums: EP Elections (2009)
                         and EU Financial Instruments mid term review (2010).

                        Discussion chaired by Mirjam van Reisen, Director, EEPA


Tuesday 24th of June, 9:00-16:00

Residence Palace, Maelbeek Room, Rue de la Loi 155, 1040 Brussels


Roundtable conference on Gender Equality in EU Development Aid 



9.00 – 9.30                  Registration and welcome coffee

9:30 - 10:30                Press launch of the report

                                  - Zofia Lapniewska, EU-CIS Gender Watch Project Coordinator, NEWW-Poland

                                  - Oksana Kisselyova, Liberal Society Institute, Ukraine

                                  -   Monika Landmanová, IGPN, Czech Republic

                                   chair: Mirjam van Riesen, EEPA

 10.30 – 10.45              Opening

                                   Marie Isler Beguin, MEP (tbc)

 10.45 – 12.00              Session 1: Presentation of CIS country reports and European Commission responses

                                    Chair: Simon Stocker, Director Eurostep

 10.45 – 11.30             Presentation of country reports from the CIS countries

                                  -          Oksana Kisselyova, Liberal Society Institute, Ukraine

                                  -          Helen Rusetskaia, Women’s information Center, Georgia

                                  -          Svetlana Aslanyan, Center for the Development of Civil Society, Armenia

 11.30 – 12.15              Responses from EC (DG Relex and DG EuropAid)

                                  -          Fanny Marchal, Sector policy co-ordinator gender ENPI, DG  Relex (tbc)

                                  -          Corinne André, Expert on civil society, gender and vulnerable groups, 
                                             unit "Quality of Operations": Governance, security, human rights and gender,
                                             DG EuropeAid (tbc)

 12.15 – 12.45              Roundtable discussion

 12.45 – 13.45              Lunch

 13.45 – 15.00              Session 2: Presentation of country reports from New Member States and responses
                                   from Member States representatives and MEPs                 
                                   Chair:   Mirjam van Reisen, Director, EEPA

13.45 – 14.15              Presentation of country reports from New Member States

                                  -          Monika Landmanova, Chair International Gender Policy Network, Czech Republic

                                  -          Tania Tisheva, Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation, Bulgaria

 14.15 – 15.00              Responses from representatives of the permanent representations to the EU and MEPs

                                  -         Representative from the permanent representation of the Czech Republic to the EU

                                  -        Representative  from the permanent representation of Bulgaria to the EU

                                  -        Danuté Budreikaité, MEP (tbc)

  15.00 – 15.45              Roundtable discussion

 15.45 – 16.00              Concluding remarks

 For further information, please contact: 

Ann-Charlotte Sallmann at, Zofia Lapniewska or Florian Eisele,


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