Polish Women Write to the European Parliament

News author: Renata Berent-Mieszczanowicz
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2008-01-12 17:58:38 / News read 3461 reading
Polish Women's Lobby sent a letter yesterday to Ms Anna Zaborska, President of the Women's Rights and Gender Equality Comittee of the European Parliament.

Dear Ms Zaborska,

Acting on behalf of the member organisations of the Polish Women's Lobby and otherfeminist groups, we are kindly asking you to undertake some action within your power inconnection with the duty of implementing into Polish law the European regulationsconcerning equal treatment.

In 2005 the office of Government Equal Status Commissioner has been called off and hasnot yet been restored.W omen groups have called for some action from the Polish governmentand offered cooperation, but received no attention at all.

The European Year of Equal Opportunities For All (2207) has made Polish women expect the change of the unfavourable situation, but their expectations have not been fulfilled. A goodexample is rejecting by the Polish Government of the draft of the equal treatment Act and lack of public debate on this subject.

Women organisations, taking an active part in the process of Poland joining the EuropeanUnion, have counted on the improving women's situation in Poland in political, legal,economical and social aspects.

Our great determination is roused by the actions of the current Polish Govemment, whichdisregards problems that we raise,avoids public debate and does not provide political climateto realise women's rights in the context of human rights.

We think that this situation fosters enforcement of various forms of intolerance againstwomen( religious fundamentalism) which consequently means reduction of civil rights for women.

As we have exhausted all the possibilities of acting on the national level, we are writing toyou as the President of the Equal Rights and Gender Committee with the request to act fromthe authority of the European Parliament.

At the same time we declare our readiness to cooperate in terms of information,documentation, actions undertaken in connection with this issuee etc.

Relying on the support from You and the members of Your Committee, we are lookingforward to receiving Your help in making a positive change in the field of equality policy inPoland.

Renata Berent-Mieszczanowicz

President of the Polish Women's Lobby
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Tytuł informacji: Polish Women Write to the European Parliament
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