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Are you interested in gender and development? Would you like to keep an eye on financial aid flows? Does gender budgeting sound interesting for you? This is the right place! Share your opinions! Discuss and learn from experts and practicioners! European Feminist Forum Affinity Group on Monitoring EU Development and Financial Aid Flows waits for you!

First of all: join the discussion - by subscribing to the
EFF affinity group listserv at:

Affinity Group Aims
The Affinity Group wants to work out the ways to support the countries in the CEE/CIS region which are eligible for development assistance by using monitoring, lobbying and advocacy to ensure that gender concerns are present in the EU development policy towards this part of the region. The Affinity Group coordinator and participants are concerned with the fact that the EU commitments to gender equality are disappearing. There is a trend to merge gender equality with non-discrimination, equal opportunities, or human rights themes, which is worrying for its implications on gender equality.

European Union, Gender and Development
The Affinity Group wants to work out ways to enable women NGOs in Europe to cooperate in monitoring and lobbying the EU on its development policies in order to make the EU commitment to advance gender equality and its translation into policy, action, and allocation of resources reflected in EU assistance to countries of the region. One of the tools that we use in our work is gender budget analysis.

To read more about the European Feminist Forum please go to:

If you would like to share any activities you undertake that concern gender and development, any of your work, articles, opinions, please contact Malgorzata Tarasiewicz:
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