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In 2008 NEWW is starting a new two-year project called "Women Economic and Political Institute". The goal of the Institute is to contribute towards developing an underdeveloped area of economic justice for women in CEE/NIS. This goal will be accomplished by building the capacity of women NGO activists and women - politicians from CEE/NIS to actively influence and shape policies aiming at improvement of economic situation of women in countries which have been deeply affected by transition to market economy and by globalization.

The overarching objectives of the Institute are to:
1. Articulate regional and country level economic justice strategies to improve women’s situation in CEE/CIS.
2. Build the capacity of women NGO activists and women politicians in CEE/NIS to work for economic justice at the country and regional levels.
3. Support on-going women’s projects efforts in CEE/NIS and seed new projects and activities connected to economic justice.
4. Facilitate the development of strategic relationships among the women’s groups undertaking economic justice projects in CEE/NIS.

The Institute is a first-of-its-kind endeavor in CEE/NIS, and in the long-term will contribute towards the development of a new area of activities and knowledge currently underdeveloped and underutilized.

The Institute will take an approach connecting learning and practice that is characteristic for NEWW programmes. The participants will not only get knowledge and skills but will be involved in specific projects between the Institute sessions.

Besides offering learning possibilities during the Institute sessions it will also develop e-learning programme for women.

NEWW will undertake to achieve these goals as it does with its other programs, through a collective process that is mindful of the various cultural and legal contexts present in CEE/NIS.

The Institute is based on a succesful model of Women Human Rights Training Institute run by NEWW in partnership with BGRF and Center for Reproductive Rights.

For more information please contact:
Zofia Lapniewska: or Malgorzata Tarasiewicz:
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