Decision to Penalize Poland for Pro-Life Law

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2007-09-27 18:24:58 / News read 3039 reading
In June of this year, the Polish government appealed the ruling of a European Human Rights Court that ordered the largely pro-life nation to pay restitution to a woman who was not permitted to obtain an abortion under strict Polish abortion law. According to the Irish Times, the court yesterday rejected Poland's appeal and confirmed the previous ruling essentially granting a higher acknowledgement to European Union (EU) standards over the sovereignty of individual nations and their laws.

As previously reported by, the woman in question, Alicja Tysiac, claims that in 2000 she found out that she was pregnant with her third child. At that time, according to her complaint, she was warned by numerous doctors that her pregnancy and delivery of another child could result in the deterioration of her myopic eye condition.

Poland permits abortion only in cases of serious health risk for the mother, when the unborn baby is conceived as a result of rape or if the baby is determined to be "seriously" handicapped.

When Tysiac's case was dismissed in Poland's courts, she then sought legal recourse with the European Court of Human Rights. The European Court initially ruled in March of this year that Poland must pay the woman a compensatory sum of €25,000.

Ms. Tysiac's complaint had also alleged that "no procedural and regulatory framework had been put in place to enable a pregnant woman to assert her right to a therapeutic abortion, thus rendering that right ineffective." Polish officials appealed the ruling contesting that Polish law did not allow for a "right to abortion."

Poland is also embattled with another authority in the hierarchy of the EU. Poland's EU representatives are objecting to the European Commission's recent proposal to institute a European Day Against the Death Penalty. The Polish delegation says the EU needs to instead promote a day dedicated to the protection of all human life.
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Tytuł informacji: Decision to Penalize Poland for Pro-Life Law
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