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TERMS OF REFERENCE for 6 participants: 3 from New Member States, and 3 from EU Neighboring Countries for capacity building training enabling to participate in EU-CIS Gender Watch project.

Background information:

EU-CIS Gender Watch as a continuatio of the previous EU Gender Watch project will answer to the need to build further the capacity among women’s rights organizations in order to allow them to familiarize themselves with current debates on EU Development Policy and the Financial Perspective 2007 – 2013, and to be able to carry out research, monitoring and later on lobbying and advocacy actions and campaigns to ensure the inclusion of a gender perspective in development policies of the EU.

Its goal is to promote cooperation between NGOs in the new member states and the “new EU neighbours” around the development agenda of the EU. By the cooperation we understand also sharing the knowledge about the new geographical instruments with other regional NGOs (through workshops and trainings) and monitoring them from the gender perspective – as a continuation of EU Gender Watch – but with an extended scope (including ODA).

The project will aim at coordinating and supporting women NGOs from the region of CEE/CIS in their activities aimed at promotion of such development policies that would promote gender equality and empower women, reduce poverty, and meet the Millennium Development Goals in compliance with the International Development Agenda. EU-CIS Gender Watch would be dedicated to monitoring the EU for its accountability to the promotion of gender equality in the region.

Selection criteria: Network of East-West Women-Poland is looking for 6 women representing NGOs from CEE/CIS to be trained in development issues and committed to collaboration with the EU-CIS Gender Watch Project. They are expected to participate in a training workshop for representatives of women NGOs from NMS and the EU Neighboring Countries, on the EU development policies (on EU mechanisms, regulations and funding mechanisms at sub-regional, and regional levels), Official Development Assistance and Training the Trainers session, that will take place in Gdansk, Poland, 17-19 September 2007.

Participants of the ToT training at the end of the workshop will have enough knowledge of EU development policies as well as Official Development Assistance that they will draft objectives and a plan for actions concerning monitoring, lobbying and advocacy actions and prepare the trainings in their countries on the basis of the documents prepared by EU Gender Watch Secretariat and reports of the researchers of previous EU Gender Watch project.

Expected skills:

1. Expertise in gender issues and development.
2. Knowledge of the EU accession process and its implications gender for gender issues and for the region of CEE/CIS.
3. Knowledge of gender issues in the region of CEE/CIS.
4. Knowledge of women NGOs in the region and continuous involvement in their activities.
5. Ability to participate in the entire process of the project (1 year).
6. Ability to travel to Poland to the meeting in September 2007.
7. Ability to respond quickly to email enquiries from the NEWW-Poland and other participants of the project.
8. Ability to contribute to the website of EU Gender Watch Secretariat.
9. Willingness to participate actively in the network established in order to monitor the EU development policy and its implementation as well as ODA.
10. Willingness to participate over a year with the EU Gender Watch Focal Point.
11. Very good written and spoken English.

After the training the participants are expected to engage in actions aiming at monitoring, data collection and basic research of EU development policy and in implementation of the EU Gender Watch project through engaging in lobbying and advocacy work. They will be responsible for creating awareness and demystifying the EU development policy amongst women NGOs in the CEE /CIS region.

Every participant will take part in the entire project which will commence in September 2007 and conclude in May 2008. This participation will involve taking part in the September 2007 meeting which will take place in Poland as well as email communication with the EU-CIS Gender Watch Secretariat, the Focal Points and other members of the network established by the EU Gender Watch Secretariat.

The participants of the training will be responsible for: 1. Providing advice to members of the teams involved in the research including the EU-CIS Gender Watch Secretariat and four Focal Points.
2. Providing advice regarding all stages of cooperation including gathering, colleting and analysis of the data, reporting to EU-CIS Gender Watch Secretariat and four Focal Points responsible for developing the reports.
3. Participating in the meeting (September 2007)
4. Responding to the email enquiries regarding research on the impact of EU development policies on gender issues in the region.
5. Reading and providing constructive feedback of the first draft of the reports.
6. Providing feedback on the final draft.
7. Providing advice regarding content of the EU-CIS Gender Watch website.
8. Providing advice regarding the promotion of the EU Gender Watch Secretariat; and providing advice regarding lobbying and advocacy strategy.
9. Meeting the strict deadlines.

Support from NEWW:
NEWW-Polska will provide the participant with:
1. Training on EU development policy and methodology to monitor and research the EU development policy impact on gender issues in the region.
2. Coordination and facilitation of the cooperation between the participant and the Focal Points.
3. Expertise regarding gender issues in CEE/CIS
4. Other practical and professional assistance as requited.
To apply:
please send CV, Motivation Letter, Reccomendation Letter and description of NGO you're working in to the address: untill August 22nd, 2007

For yearly cooperation small remuneration will be provided to all 6 Experts.
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