EU Gender Watch Reports Launch

News author: Zofia Lapniewska
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2007-06-20 16:06:37 / News read 3248 reading

NEWW is proud to announce the launch of three Gender Watch Reports this week. Expert reports from three countries compare (from a gender perspective) old and new European financial instruments (ENP). Each of the three countries respectively represents a sub-region: Georgia (representing Caucasus), Ukraine (representing EU Neigbouring countries) and Tajikistan (representing Central Asia). The reports have found that market reforms have had a much more severe impact on women in these sub-regions than on men.

Six women developed respective reports that can be downloaded from our web – page (click to download below). All reports include basic information about women's situation in their country, describe the financial aid received from various sources (not only the EU) and their impact on gender, as well as a description of the instruments allocated in the EU budget for the period 2007-2013.

The structure of each report is the same. This was helpful in creating summary reports. The reports will be distributed among Members of the European Parliament, representatives of the European Commissions, and EC Delegations in the investigated countries. They will also form the basis for lobbying in these fora.

I hope that this work will be taken into consideration in constructing annual Country Strategy Papers in these countries and during the mid-term review of the European Neighborhood Policy Instrument in 2010.

Enjoy reading!

Zofia Lapniewska
EU Gender Watch Project Coordinator

To download Reports - click below:

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Tytuł informacji: EU Gender Watch Reports Launch
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