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The European “F” Forum builds an open and diverse dialogue, organizes an energetic space for talking about women, and will make change happen in Europe. It takes place on the web, and in real time connection. Don’t miss the European “F” Forum in Poland, 13-15 June 2008!

Who dares to use the ‘F” word? We do! The European Feminist Forum is about to shake Europe. Forget polite requests: we are going to stop poverty, save the environment, make every European country a shared geography for old and new Europeans. We will let women have control over their own bodies and their own lives. It’s time to stop spending on wars and to start investing in peace and security, starting at home. We will make change happen.

There is a lot to do:
Women are having the best education but are not getting the best jobs and are paid less than men for the same work. Women aren’t part of the decision making structures. Refugee women and children live on the streets. Our bodies are the subject of legislation, without our permission. Europe can’t survive without women, but will not accept women as full partners at a social, political or economic level.

Let’s meet!
We will make change happen together with you! Let’s meet at:

It’s about you!
Be part of the European “F” Forum. Join a group that is working on something that interests you – we call them Affinity Groups - by writing an email to the coordinator of the group. Join the European “F” Forum discussion list to read messages from Europe-shakers, and let them know what you are up to!

How? Go to:⟨=en
Let’s rumble!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at:
The European Feminist Forum secretariat
Obiplein 4, 1094 RB Amsterdam, The Netherlands
t+31 206651318, f +31 20 6655812

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