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News author: Lin McDevitt-Pugh
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2007-03-24 18:48:25 / News read 3402 reading
Steering Committee of the European Feminist Forum has agreed that the event of the European Feminist Forum to be held in Poland. We expect 500 feminists from all over Europe to come to Poland, from 13-15 June 2008, and create an active agenda for a feminist Europe.

It makes good sense to want to have the European Feminist Forum in Poland! As Central European and as new member of the European Union you have something special to bring to all discussions. Among others, many of our European networks have their secretariats in Poland, so you are a source of leadership and activism.

We invite all the Polish feminist organisations and groups to host this amazing event. It will give European feminists the opportunity to acknowledge you for the strengths you bring to Europe, and it will be an opportunity for Polish feminists to meet and be inspired by feminists from many other European countries. The international European Feminist Forum Secretariat (based in Amsterdam) is already busy organising the activities that will lead to the development of the program. You will work closely with the Secretariat to craft a program that will be extraordinary.

The Secretariat will also work closely with a Polish organisation that takes on the responsibility of organizing the logistics of the event. The Polish members of the Steering Committee will be happy to provide you with more information on the tasks of the logistics organisers.

An event like this can have a very positive effect on the programs of organizations in the host country. It provides extra media for your work. It will be an opportunity for local feminist artists to present their work to a European audience. The greater the breadth of the host platform, the greater the outcome for feminism in Poland.

Please accept our invitation, and let the Polish women in the Steering Committee representing NEWW-Polska, ASTRA and Karat Coalition, know they can count on you!


Lin McDevitt-PughEFF co-initiator and Program Director of the IIAV in Amsterdam

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