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The main guest on the 2nd Polish conference about "Women in Culture. Femininity, masculinity and sexuality" was dr B. Tsering Yeshi - President Tibetan Women's Association. Her guest touring performance was called "Violations of reproductive Rights on Tibetan women".

The Tibetan Women's Association (TWA) was founded on 12th of March 1959 when thousands of Tibetan women gathered in Lhasa, Tibet's capital, to protest against the illegal occupation of tibet by the Communist China. Today, TWA has 14,000 members from 47 regional chapters across the glob.It is a democratic non-profit and non-government organization registered in India. The headquarter is based in Dharamshala.

TWA represented Tibetan Women in the 4th UN World Women's conference in Beijing 1995, UN 61st Human Rights Commission in Geneva 2005, 36th UN CEDAW conference in New York 2006.

TWA MOTTO:"The Hand that Rocks the cradle can more the world. Let us all join hands to make a difference."

The major problems which were presented during this conference are:

Discriminatory Family Planning Policy on Tibetan Women.
Primary methods of Family planning (steralization).
Coercive Family planning policy ( one child only allowed).
Lack of sex and contraception Education.
Late-term abortions.
Tibetans as a "racial minority" in Tibet.
Cultural genocide.

Prostitution on the Rise:Lhasa is a city with the highest number of prostitutes in the world. The number of brothels is still rising. From year to year statistics are more and more worrying.

Aims and Objectives of TWA:

To raise global awareness of the critical situation inside Tibet.
Social, political and economic empowerment of Tibetan women in exile.
To join hands with the women of the world to promote peace and justice.
Preservation of Tibetan culture, language, tradition.
Assisting needy in the community through a sponsorship program.

TWA has many publications and videotapes about Tibetan Women in exile.

If you want to support this organisation go to:

For further informations about TWA and Tibetan Women's Uprising Day go to:
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