NEWW Invited to Collaborate in Reconstituting Democracy

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2007-02-20 10:08:24 / News read 3335 reading

NEWW will collaborate in a new study on gender equality and democracy in the European Union. This study is part of a recently launched 5 year- integrated project entitled Reconstituting Democracy in Europe (RECON,

The project is funded by the EU under the 6th Framework Programme and coordinated by the Arena Centre for European Studies at the University of Oslo. Within this project, the Centre for the Advancement of Women in Politics, led by Dr Yvonne Galligan at Queen�s University Belfast, will coordinate a work package entitled Justice, Democracy and Gender. Other participants of this study include the ARENA Centre at the University of Oslo (Dr. Cathrine Holst), Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest (Dr. Maria Heller) and Riga Graduate School of Law (Kristine Kruma and Tatjana Evas)
The core objective of the study is three-fold:

  • To explore the status of gender equality within the enlarged EU;
  • To analyse what kind of gender policies can be justified with regard to three alternative models for reconstituting democracy in Europe.
  • To arrive at specific recommendations for how gender equality can best be fostered within Europe.
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Tytuł informacji: NEWW Invited to Collaborate in Reconstituting Democracy
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