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Frauenakademie München e.V. (FAM) or Women's Academy, Munich, supports women in achieving equal positions in science, economy, politics and the public arena. As a non-university research institute, the Women's Academy, Munich, offers a space for debates on feminist theory and practice and for the development of feminist ideas and projects. FAM organises conferences, supports women's networks and the exchange of ideas between women. FAM works in close association with other institutions and individuals particularly in order to disseminate information and results of women and gender studies. Since its foundation in 1984, FAM's research activities have been well recognised especially in the areas of employment research and feminist theory.

The activities of FAM include seminars to help women cope with their daily work, opportunities to develop scientific and work related skills in self organised groups and projects. Some of the groups associated with FAM are the Working Group on "Sustainable Economy", a network on "Women and History in Bavaria", a project group on "Gender Mainstreaming", a working group on the European Union and a PhD-Group.

The nationally recognised Women's Consultancy Network (Expertinnnen-Beratungsnetz, EBN) is also part of FAM. Women experts in leading positions and with many years of professional experience offer to women advice on issues of starting a job, career planning and considering job alternatives. Through mentoring, women are accompanied over a long period to achieve their set goals.

FAM or Frauenakademie München e.V. is an independent, non-profit organisation and is not partisan except that it takes the side of women. At the moment Frauenakademie and NEWW are implementing a project together: EU-Project: Gender Budgeting as an instrument for managing scientific organisations to promote equal opportunities for women and men - with the example of universities
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