Abortion Supporters “Coming Out”

News author: Gazeta Wyborcza 2006-11-15
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Fifty people took part in a demonstration in front of the Polish Parliament (Sejm) during which five women publicly admitted to having had an abortion. Two of them had done it during the current legal dispensation.

This is the first protest action against the anti-abortion law in Poland of this kind, where women who’ve had terminations are speaking out about it openly.

Several days ago they approached the Pro Choice Group, organizers of a recent protest action against the LPR (League of Polish Families - coalition's party) proposal to include the right to life from conception in the constitution.

In 1993 the Polish Parliament banned abortion except in three specific instances: when the woman’s life and health are threatened; when the foetus suffers from a genetic malformation or terminal disease ; or when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.

The LPR proposal would most likely lead to the abolition of these exceptions. In the interim, despite the ban, women’s organizations estimate the abortion figure in Poland at 80-200 thousand a year.

Yesterday 5 women spoke out about their abortions. One of them spoke on condition of anonymity.- I come from a small town where the LPR has just won in the local elections -I don’t want any trouble – she explains. Her abortion was “legal”, her pregnancy - a result of rape which happened 15 years ago, when she was 15.

Joanna Piotrowska terminated her pregnancy ten years ago: - Some friends from abroad helped me by sending pills over. I see it as my right, and I want to break the silence. I don’t want other women dying because of a backstreet abortion gone wrong or losing their life or health when the doctor refuses to help them.

Translated by M.Sarnowska-Burge
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Tytuł informacji: Abortion Supporters “Coming Out”
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