Become a Member of NEWW!

News author: Malgorzata Tarasiewicz
2006-11-05 12:20:46 / News read 2801 reading
Become a Member of NEWW.

NEWW is opening to the members from outside the CEE/CIS region.

Members of NEWW from the region of CEE/CIS are looking for opportunities to collaborate, share experience and support with organizations from other countries. They are particularly interested in finding partners in the EU countries. It is because some of them come from accession countries, and also because the EU policies are so crucial for their activities and lives. There is a need for common lobbying, advocacy and common campaigns. We need to learn from each other and to cooperate, e.g. women in Poland need a support because of the governmental plans to ban abortion.

NEWW would like to provide a platform for such an exchange and cooperation, to develop its services as a network that connects the East and West.

More than 80 organizations are currently members of the NEWW- network. They come from over 30 different countries all over the globe. The major part of them comes from the region of CEE and NIS.

NEWW provides its members with the following opportunities:
  • As an organization officially accredited to the UN Economic and Social Council, NEWW offers its members opportunities to participate in UN conferences, forums and events.
  • Access to a global network of activists, researchers, journalists, lawyers and others concerned with women's position in CEE/NIS.
  • Participation in regional projects run by NEWW
  • Invitations to meetings, conferences and special events.
  • Promotion of NEWW members' initiatives and actions
  • Information about NEWW programs, materials and publications.
  • Contacts to other NEWW members through our database.
  • Participation in annual NEWW's International Council's elections.
  • Access to listserves
If you or your organization would like to join NEWW, you can either do it by filling in the form on the website or writing to Malgorzata Tarasiewicz, NEWW Director at On the website you can also find all the information related to membership fees. They can be waived both for individuals and organizations in need.
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