Danger of Stricter Ban on Abortion

News author: Wanda Nowicka
Source of news: POLISH REPRO NEWS, 3 (13) /06
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2 August, Warsaw. In a few weeks, the League of Polish Families (LPR) will propose a draft law to further restrict anti-abortion law in Poland. According to Wojciech Wierzejski, Vice-president of LPR and former Member of the European Parliament, abortion for medical reasons, when a woman's health is threatened, should be banned.

"Abortion on medical grounds cannot be used as a precedent to kill a human being. It is unacceptable that abortion could be granted if pregnancy threatens a woman's eyesight. It must be eliminated."

Wierzejski alluded to the famous case of Alicja Tysiac which is now pending in the European Court for Human Rights. Ms. Tysiac, a Polish woman, was forced to carry her third pregnancy to term in spite of the fact that her eyesight was in danger. Her eyesight eventually worsened as a result of delivery.

According to the present abortion bill, abortion is legal to save a woman's life and health, when the fetus is badly deformed or when the pregnancy is a result of a crime. The LPR is planning to consult with the Catholic clergy on the draft law.

The LPR president, Roman Giertych, is now Vice Prime Minister of the Polish government and Minister of Education. Last year, Maciej Giertych, Roman Giertych's father and member of the European Parliament, organized a radical anti-abortion exhibition in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Wanda Nowicka
Source: Rzeczpospolita daily, 2/08/06

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Tytuł informacji: Danger of Stricter Ban on Abortion
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