Against the EC Human Rights Manual

News author: Federation for Women and Family Planning
Source of news: CEE Bulletin on Sexual and Reproductive Rights No 7 (41) 2006
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2006-07-19 13:37:17 / News read 2818 reading
Roman Giertych, the minister of education and the leader of the ultra-conservative party, League of Polish Families, dismissed the director of the Center for the Professional Training of Teachers for publishing and promoting the official manual of the European Council aimed at preparing young people to participate in the life of civil society and democratic state.

One of the reasons Giertych found the book unacceptable was that it recognized gay and lesbian rights. Although his decision has raised protests from teachers, youth and civil society organizations, the minister has not changed it.

Federation for Women and Family Planning
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Tytuł informacji: Against the EC Human Rights Manual
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