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2006-05-23 15:17:10 / News read 3258 reading
An official response to statements of Polish Ministry of Education on the matter of international project of Campaign Against Homophobia (Kampania Przeciw Homofobii) “Do We Need Gender”.

We, the undersigned national coordinators of the project “Do We Need Gender” in September 2005, in Poland, wish to express most unpleasant amazement about hearing such lies from the Ministry of Education about the project that was carried out with the support of European Commission’s Youth Programme, coordinated by the National Youth Agency in Poland.

One of the priorities of European Commission and Youth Programme is to fight against discrimination, and this is exactly why this project was brought to life.

On May 19, the Polish Ministry of Education stated that the project was “depravation of young people” and issued various other very misleading and clearly false information about the project and work of Campaign Against Homophobia (Kampania Przeciw Homofobii).

The youth-exchange was organized in order to give more than 20 international participants more knowledge on the topic of gender stereotypes, discrimination based on gender, prejudices and homophobia. Five national coordinators worked in order to put together a well-running, interesting, and educational program for the youth-exchange and evaluations from the participants were very good and assessed this event as “very educational on the field of discrimination”.

We, the undersigned coordinators of the youth-exchange “Do We Need Gender” hereby certify that this project was clearly serving the purpose of educating young people on the topic of discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation; stereotypical gender roles. None of the information presented by the Polish Ministry of Education was adequate to give appropriate information about the project; therefore we are deeply disappointed by such absurd and homophobic statement of the Ministry of Education.

We will be doing our most to see that this matter and such homophobic statements that Polish government is sending out, will be treated as they should be treated in any democratic European Union member state.

This project was an international project and commenting on its process and activities not only concerns Poland anymore; this is now our common matter, this is now a European matter and we as organizations that work together with Campaign Against Homophobia (Kampania Przeciw Homofobii), are undoubtedly supporting our Polish colleagues and condemn the homophobic statements and activities of Polish government.

Such behavior is unacceptable to us who we work towards a more tolerant and opened Europe; such false statements towards our work are unacceptable and we are kindly hoping that the Ministry of Education will apologize for the false and misleading image that they have given about our work.

For any questions or comments regarding the youth-exchange “Do We Need Gender”, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Aksinia Gentcheva,
Executive Director, BGO Gemini (Bulgaria), +359 29876872

Ardi Ravalepik
President, Diversity (Estonia), +372 58116969

Lisette Kampus
Member of the Board, Diversity (Estonia), +48888443618

Mikel Iturbe
International Relations Officer, BostAxola (Spain)
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