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TERMS OF REFERENCEforthree Subregional Focal Points to cooperate with the EU Gender Watch Secretariat in the EU Gender Watch Project June 2006- May 2007. (The fourth Focal Point is established by the EU Gender Watch Secretariat in Central Europe).

Background information:
EU Gender Watch project aims at enabling NGOs from the region to engage more effectively with the EU Development Policy debate and in consequence improve the situation of women in CEE/CIS. The starting point of NEWW’s project consists of a capacity building initiative for the participants (meeting of the 15 participants from women NGO’s, experienced in gender and development, 3 of them will be assigned sub regional Focal Points).

The second phase includes monitoring, lobbying and advocacy activities concerning impact of the EU development policies on gender issues in CEE/CIS. NEWW will establish an EU Gender Watch Secretariat which will coordinate the project: capacity building and research (coordinated sub regionally by the focal points) to explore how gender concerns in the region are impacted by the EU Development Policy.

The Secretariat will then identify common or specific problems of the countries under study and communicate them to the EU and the national governments.

The project will answer the need to build capacity among Women’s rights organizations to put them in touch with current debates on EU Development Policy and the Financial Perspective 2007 – 2013, and to facilitate research, monitoring and later on lobbying and advocacy actions and campaigns to ensure the inclusion of a gender perspective in development policies of the EU.

Selection criteria:
Network of East-West Women in partnership with UNIFEM is looking for 3 women representing NGOs or academia from CEE/CIS to be trained in development issues and committed to collaboration with the EU Gender Watch Project. The Focal Points will be selected by the Network of East-West Women supported by UNIFEM. There should be one Focal Point in each of the four subregions: Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Balkans, Central Europe (appointed by the EU Gender Watch Secretariat).All Focal Points are expected to participate in a training workshop for representatives of women NGOs from NMS, potential MS and the EU Neighboring Countries, on the EU development policies (on EU mechanisms, regulations and funding mechanisms at sub-regional, and regional levels), 25-28 June in Gdansk, Poland. Participants of the training at the end of the workshop will have enough knowledge of EU development policies that they will draft objectives and a plan of action concerning monitoring, lobbying and advocacy actions.

Required Skills:
1. Experience in writing reports and conducting required gender and development focused research, knowledge about gender budget.
2. Expertise in gender issues and development.
3. Ability to provide advice in regards to the entire project including development of the methodology, collecting and analysing the data, editorial advice.
4. Extensive knowledge of the EU accession process and its gender implications.
5. Keen interest in gender issues in CEE/CIS and record of collaboration with civil society.
6. Ability to provide substantive guidance in the development of methodology for the Reports and development policy.
7. Ability to suggest most appropriate data and other materials to be used and to provide advice on how the lack of suitable or conclusive data or lack of compatible data can be overcome.
8. Ability to give feedback on the drafts of the Reports and implementation of development policy.
9. Very good English.

1. Working individually (or coordinating work of a research team) on research on the selected aspect of the impact of the EU development policies on gender issues in one country in the region.
2. Supervise the work of the researcher (unless doing the research individually).
3. Coordinate the work of the sub regional network established by the EU Gender Watch Secretariat.
4. Prepare a report on the impact of the EU development policies on gender issues in one country in the region.
5. Responding quickly to email enquiries from the EU Gender Watch Secretariat and members of the network established by the Secretariat as well as national research teams working on the reports regarding all aspects of reporting and writing analysis.
6. Providing advice to members of the network involved in the research including other Focal Points and EU Gender Watch Secretariat.
7. Providing advice regarding all stages of cooperation including gathering, colleting and analysis of the data, reporting to coordinator and other Focal Points responsible for developing the reports.
8. Providing expertise required for the development of methodology for all reports.
9. Reading and providing constructive feedback of the first and final drafts of the reports.
10. Providing advice regarding the content of the website of the Gender Watch Secretariat focusing on development.
11. Providing advice regarding the media campaign for the launch of the EU Gender Watch Secretariat; and providing advice regarding lobbying strategy utilizing its work.
12. Meeting the deadlines.
13. Participating in the meeting in June 2006 and in Brussels in May 2007.
14. Participate in the entire process of the project (1 year).

Support of NEWW:
NEWW-Polska will provide the Focal Point with:
1. Stipend: for Focal Point and researcher/researchers
2. Training on EU development policy and methodology to monitor and research the EU development policy impact on gender issues in the region.
3. Coordination on and facilitation of the cooperation between the network and the Focal Points.
4. Expertise regarding realities of life and challenges facing women in CEE
5. Other practical and professional assistance as requited.

To apply:
please send CV, Motivation Letter, 2 Reccomendation Letters and description of NGO you're working for to the address: and untill May 26th, 2006
send mail

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