NEWW Granted a Presidency Fund Aid

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The results of the First Call for Proposals issued between 4 November 2005 and 22 January 2006 has lead to almost €240,000 granted in aid and will help finance the activities of 7 organizations over the next year.

The 7 proposals selected for support by the Fund were chosen from an initial 99 originally presented in response to its first Call for Proposals. The NGOs who will implement the activities come from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Malta and Poland.

Announcing the Results of Call I

The project proposals submitted by the following NGDOs will be supported by the Presidency Fund:
Prague Global Policy Institute-Glopolis, Czech Republic
People In Need, Czech Republic
Network of East West Women, Poland
Polish Humanitarian Organisation, Poland
KOPIN, Malta
Latvian NGDO Platform-LAPAS, Latvia
Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation, Estonia

The actions supported by the Presidency Fund all focus on promoting more effective engagements by NGOs in policy dialogue. The projects include establishing a Gender Watch network focusing on the EU’s co-operation with countries in the CEE/CIS regions, supporting the active involvement of NGOs from Malta, Cyprus and Slovenia around the EU’s co-operation with countries in the Mediterranean basin within the Barcelona process, promoting the involvement of Visegrad country NGOs in debates on development/trade policy coherence, and strengthening the capacity of organizations in Estonia, Latvia, Poland and the Czech Republic to engage in development policy dialogue nationally and in Europe.

“We are pleased that with the support of the Dutch and Irish governments we are able to strengthen civil society involvement from the most recently joined countries of the EU. Civil society has a critical role to play; not only in pressing governments to meet their commitments, but also to ensure that development policy remains focused on eradicating poverty and achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015” said Simon Stocker, Managing Director of the Fund.

The next call for proposals of the Fund will be announced on 3 May 2006
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Tytuł informacji: NEWW Granted a Presidency Fund Aid
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