Pope entrusts President with the Mission

News author: Wanda Nowicka
Source of news: POLISH REPRO NEWS, 1 (11)/06
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At the first foreign trip of the President of Poland, the pope Benedictus XVI entrusted Mr. Lech Kaczyński with the mission of promoting Christian values in Europe. The pope sees the importance of this task in the context of growing hostility against the Church in many European countries.

President Kaczynski declared that the present collaboration of the Polish Church and the state will be very good and close. He invited the pope to Poland for May 2006.

Disturbing Nomination. 27.01.2006, Warsaw.

The Polish Parliament elected last night a new Ombudsman for Human Rights - Mr. Janusz Kochanowski, PhD - highly controversial lawyer of Warsaw University who is known for his often inappropriate approach to human rights. For example, he is well-known as a supporter of capital punishment. He was against gay pride parades which last year were banned in some towns in Poland. Good news is that recently the Constitutional Tribunal founded the delegalization of gay pride marches unconstitutional.

Moreover, Mr. Kochanowski is actively involved in current politics. He ran to the European Parliament as a candidate of the present Polish ruling party - Law and Justice (PiS) who nominated him to the Ombudsman position. His nomination raises concerns about his objectiveness and independence from political his promoters. Human rights organizations and advocates are worried that the status of human rights in Poland might further deteriorate due to this nomination.

This nomination is one of many controversial personal decisions of PiS who is currently appointing his people to every institution and board. Their nominees very often do not meet high professional standards, sometimes are even incompetent but faithful.

: Federation for Women and Family Planning, Poland, January 2006
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Tytuł informacji: Pope entrusts President with the Mission
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