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Since 2003 you have been receiving a NEWW-Poland Newsletter with the most recent information about situation of women in Poland, combating discrimination, interesting events in Europe and in the world.

Apart from publishing newsletters NEWW-Poland takes a verity of other actions like legal and psychological counseling for victims of domestic violence, therapy of adult children of alcoholics, we also run a website and a feminist library; in January 2006 we organized a Strategy Planning Meeting of Polish Women Organizations. NEWW-Polska was also an editor of Polish translation of “Our Bodies, Ourselves”.NEWW cooperates closely with feminist organizations in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, the Newly Independent States and the Russian Federation (CEE/NIS). For example lawyers from these countries are trained how to help effectively women from the region.

Many of our actions are done by volunteers, only some of them are supported by donors like Global Fund for Women or Urgent Action Fund of the Tides Foundation.

There is no reason to hide that despite fundraising our financial situation is sometimes difficult.
Despite our status of an organization of public benefit our rental costs have been doubled this year. Our donors support our action but seldom let us use grants to cover administration costs.

Please help us meet our new goals for 2006 and the following years by making a contribution to the Network of East-West Women. As long as there are NEWW supporters like you committed to women and to making our region a better place, I know we can make a difference.

We strongly encourage individuals and NGOs from the CEE/FSU that are our members to pay an annual contribution to NEWW starting at 30 EURO. Dues can be paid by credit card, cash or check to NEWW-Polska in Euros, Zlotys and US Dollars.

Members outside of the CEE/FSU region pay annual membership dues of: $250 (Organization), $50 (Individual), $30 (Student/limited income). NEWW is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Dues and donations paid in the U.S. are deductible to the full extent of the law. Dues and donations paid by Polish citizens are also tax deductible since NEWW-Polska has the status of an organization working for the public benefit. You can donate by credit card on the website or you can print out a form (also from the website) to send in with a check. If you have questions concerning our appeal please write to:

Membership due / Donation

Best wishes,
Malgorzata Tarasiewicz
Director, NEWW/NEWW-Polska
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