Birth Allowance

2006-01-12 11:24:39 / News read 3829 reading
Poland's parliament passed a new law guaranteeing a one-time payment of 1,000 PLN (260 EURO) to the poorest women for each child they give birth to.

This is a fulfillment of the new Polish conservative government's promises to help families, and is part of its so called "pro-family" approach. Supporters of the law hope that that it will also encourage more births counteracting population decline in Poland. Women's organization as well as the large proportion of society, however, argue that the new payment will not lead to the increase of births in the country where continuous economic discrimination of women (particularly on the labour market) as well as lack of access to affordable child care is one of the reasons couples decide against having children.

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: Astra CEE Bulletin on Sexual and Reproductive Rights No 1 (35) 2006
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