A Polish-Armenian seminar

2005-11-27 10:23:34 / News read 2999 reading
A Polish-Armenian seminar "Women in Transition Period Armenian and Polish Experience" took place in two cities in Armenia between Nov. 16-19.

Despite numerous differences in the experience of transition processes in Armenia and Poland, closer investigation reveals that similarities exist, especially as regards gender issues. It therefore seems worth creating conditions to share good practices and building cooperation between our countries. The meeting was coordinated by Dr Jemma Hasratian, from Gender Studies from Yerevan University and Dr Beata Kowalska, Jagiellonian University, Poland and funded by the British Embassies in Poland and in Armenia.
The Polish side was represented by Sławomira Walczewska from eFKa, Magdalena Janus from Center for WOmen's Rights in Krakow, Marianna Knothe from Center for the Promotion of Women (currently living in Yerevan) and Malgorzata Tarasiewicz (NEWW). The Armenian representation included Dr Yelena Vardanyan, from Gyumri State School of Education, Jemma Hasratyan who heads the Yerevan University Center for Gender Studies, Sofia Babayan, a chair of Russian Philology department at Vanadzor State School of Education, Vladimir Osipov, a senior researcher fellow with Institute of Philosophy, Sociology & Law of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences and Lilit Zakaryan, a senior research fellow with Institute of History of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences and a chair of Journalism department at Yerevan Hyusissayin Universityfellow.

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Tytuł informacji: A Polish-Armenian seminar
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