Polish Opposition in the European Parliament

Mr Giertych

2005-11-22 14:15:01 / News read 2937 reading
On Wednesday there was a violent dispute between two socialist Member of the European Parliament Veronique De Keyser (Belgium) and Ana Gomes (Portugal) and anti choice MEPs over an exhibition against abortion ‘Life and Children in Europe’ .

The League of Polish Families/ Liga Polskich Rodzin (LPR), a nationalist ultra right wing populist party, organized a photo exhibition in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. A poster in display compared abortion to the Holocaust. The two Socialist MEPs urged the organisers to take off the pictures and after a heated discussion started taking down the photos themselves. This led to a violent confrontation that ended with the intervention of the security. Among the controversial images that upset the socialist parliamentarians there was a picture of a child in a Nazi extermination camp and another child in a Albanian camp with the emotional slogan: ‘If a mother can kill her own child, how can one avoid that men don’t kill each others?’

After the row Mr GIERTYCH, the vice chair of the LPR organised a press conference calling for freedom of speech in the parliament and complaining about the censorship of the photo exhibition by the EP authorities because it caused "controversy".

: Wanda Nowicka, Federation for Women and Family Planning, Poland,
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Tytuł informacji: Polish Opposition in the European Parliament
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