New Adviser on the Protection of Life

2005-11-22 14:07:44 / News read 2741 reading
On 16th of November, the Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz declared on the extremely right-wing Radio Maria that he was going to appoint in his office the Special Adviser on the Protection of Life issues.. The Prime Minister assured that he was not afraid of Brussels’ directives and resolutions that call for softening the policy towards abortion.

- “I am not afraid of confrontation. I am sure, at least by now, that the European Union has not established any directive that would force us to change our law. Nevertheless, resolutions and other forms of pressure, coming from certain groups within the Union, aimed against life, are probable”. – stated the Prime Minister.

- “And we are not going to surrender to them. I strongly believe that we have the opportunity to play a certain role in the EU, to consolidate a pro-life environments among different countries. Until now, Poland used to be actually speechless in this field” - he added.

Marcinkiewicz announced that he wanted to have such person responsible for these issues and ready to realize these tasks also in Brussels.

- “Certain names have already occurred. I hope that within a couple of days this person would stand by my side to support me in the area I personally consider to be enormously important”. – emphasised the prime minister.

Moreover, the head of the government announced that he was not going to allow to overturn the present anti-choice legal act. – “We are not going to allow to diminish its application scope in area of in vitro insemination. By no means, we are not going to promote any kind of contraception, even at bare minimum level, because it’s not country’s duty”. – he asserted.

Marcinkiewicz asserted, that the government would also initiate other pro-family actions – establishing birth allowance of 800-1000 PLN (paid once upon birth of a child), 2-4 weeks lengthening of maternal leave and the housing program.

Source : PAP
Federation for Women and Family Planning, Poland,
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