Women Activists Detained

2005-11-19 18:42:10 / News read 3112 reading
Several dozens of people, participants of Equality March in Poznan, were detained by the police.

Despite the decision of the mayor of Poznan, who banned the Equality March, several hundred people gathered at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Nov.19 to demonstrate against descrimination based on sexual orientation, gender, race, and disability.

The police surrounded the demonstrators with a double cordon. At 4.15 the police units headed for the demonstrators. The policemen beastly pulled sitting demonstartors from the group and dragged them along the sidewalk."Gestapo" - shouted demonstrators.

Several dozens of people-participants of the demonstration- were detained by the police . Among them are Agata Teutsch and Iza Kowalczyk- organizors of Tolerance and Equality Days and women activists.

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Tytuł informacji: Women Activists Detained
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