Film - Biography of A. Walentynowicz

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Currently in Gdańsk a feature film by Volker Schlöndorff, called 'The Forgotten Heroin', is being created based on the biography of Anna Walentynowicz, a worker of the Gdańsk shipyard.

The plot of "The Forgotten Hero" is situated in the 60's and 70's and is about a worker of the Gdańsk shipyard, who decides to fight for the rights of other employees. The archetype of this charakter is the activist of "Solidarność", Anna Walentynowicz. However, the heroine of Schlöndorff's film is named differently, and the creators of the film officially deny that it is inspired by the life of Anna Walentynowicz. The main reason for this is that Anna Walentynowicz did not agree for her name to be used in the script.

The members of the crew and actors are prohibited from talking about the making of the film in the shipyard. No news photographers are allowed on the set. -It's the decision of the director, explains Marianna Rowińska-Dassier, the co-producer of 'The Forgotten Heroin' -He would like to work in peace at this stage.

-I prefer to talk about my films when they are finished - says Schlöndorff. -All I can say is that 'The Forgotten Heroin' is a film about an individual who, thanks to her activity, can actually change history.

The film is a polish-german co-production. The main role is played by Katharina Thalbach, who has in the past played for Schlöndorff in 'The Tin Drum' (the role of Maria Matzerath) and in other films such as 'Sophie's Choice' by Alan Pakula or 'Sun Alley' by Leander Haussmann. The winner of the award for best actor at this year's Polish Festival of Feature Films, Andrzej Hyra, will play the role of Lech Wałęsa. Other perfomers: Dominique Horwitz, Wojciech Pszoniak, Andrzej Grabowski, Krzysztof Kiersznowski i Maja Maj.

Schlöndorff's film will be in polish and should be due in cinemas next year. The producers have not revealed the budget. -It is not very high for such a production as this -admits Rowińska-Dassier. -However, we assure you that the amount is greater than 300 thousand dollars, as some say.

'The Forgotten Heroin' is not the first film that Schlöndorff has made in Gdańsk. At the end of the 70's he made the Oscar film 'The Tin Drum', based on Günter Grass's novel. The german director has also produced another film in Poland - 'King Olch' - in the castle in Malbork.

: Mirosław Baran, Gazeta Trójmiasto
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