Third WHRTI Session

2005-10-06 11:21:59 / News read 2522 reading

During the third and most recent session of the Institute in Varna, Bulgaria(October 1-5,2005), participants engaged in three days of intensive small group collaboration - working on arguments for two hypothetical women's rights cases before the European Court of Human Rights. Both hypotheticals involved multiple issues of trafficking, sex slavery,rape, domestic violence, emergency contraception, sex discrimination, right to privacy, and ethnic discrimination. Institute participants composed an application to the court, responded to state answers to that application, and participated in a moot court session where they argued both sides of the case.

For lawyers in the region interested in bringing gender cases in their own countries and, when necessary, to Strasbourg and in expanding European jurisprudence concerning women's rights. the Institute program offers a unique opportunity to expand and polish their legal skills and knowledge. This "hands on" training is not offered in law faculties in the region.

Isabel Marcus
Professor, School of Law

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