Safety of LGBT People

photo Zofia Lapniewska

2005-07-15 15:15:15 / News read 2654 reading
There is growing concern for the safety of LGBT people in Poland. The Mayor of Warsaw refused to issue a permit for the city's June Gay Pride parade. Week after an improvised Pride march took place (18.06.2005), the Mayor issued a permit for a so-called "normality parade."

This "normality parade" was organized by the nationalist fundamentalist youth group and supported by politicians. It was basically an anti-gay demonstration encouraging hate and intolerance towards LGBT people. Since then, LGBT people all across Poland have increasingly been victims of harassment and physical abuse, including two people being shot and wounded in front of an LGBT club in Katowice. This violence is being committed in an atmosphere where public homophobia from government officials is common place, with the hope of getting votes. In an open letter to Polish and European Union leaders, ILGA demands that the authorities put an end to this hostile and dangerous environment. To see the letter, please visit the following link:

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