We are Afraid

2005-06-21 15:21:49 / News read 3199 reading
Witch-hunt towards homosexual people in Poland grows in strength. Politicians ofthe League of Polish Families and Law and Justice Party, using ignorance andnegative stereotypes about gays and lesbians in Polish society, manipulate ourfears in favor to spread the hatred. They postulate banning our organizations,they want to cure and isolate us. According to their demands, the society shouldintolerate us in a social and moral ways. The rhetoric of Mayor of Warsaw LechKaczyński, Chairman of the League of Polish Families Roman Giertych, and Memberof the European Parliament Wojciech Wierzejski remind us the rhetoric we allknow from the totalitarian régimes.

A few days ago two friends of ours have been injured where somebody shoot to themin front of a gay club in Katowice; in Warsaw two men have been beaten up andsomebody was trying to demolish a gay club – assistance of the Police andambulance were needed; gay and lesbians were attacked in a dozen places whereLGBT community gathers. We receive letters with death threats.

We are named publicly as perverts, pederasts, pedophiles and fags.Politicians, including leaders of political parties and members of the Polishand the European Parliament, are doing this with a pride. System of Justicedoesn’t react when they call for discrimination against homosexuals, consentingfor the following crimes, we are victims of.

We are afraid.

Deeply concern of the escalation of hatred towards homosexual people that wereceive from the right-wing parties, we call all people who care aboutdemocracy, freedom of outlooks and tolerance, to take a stand on those values,and to take an action in favor to protect civil rights.

We call on the President and Prime Minister of Poland to make a clear standpoint ina case of hatred directed to gays and lesbians. Situation when the President andPrime Minister pretend that there is no issue, when homosexuals are under such astrong homophobic pressure, is unacceptable.
We call on the Polish Ombudsman tofulfill his constitutional duties, among which is guarding human liberties,regardless of sexual orientation.
We appeal to the Plenipotentiary of EqualStatus of Woman and Man to take a concrete actions to combat discrimination ofhomosexual people.
People who hold an high political positions in the Polishgovernment can not pretend that there is no problem with hatred towardshomosexuals in Poland.

We have our dignity. We love and we want to be loved. We are your doctors,salesclerks, drivers, teachers, brothers, sisters, children. We are a part ofthis country which is ours as well.

Campaign Against Homophobia: Warsaw, Cracow, Silesia, Wroclaw, Lodz, Gdansk
Lambda Warsaw, Cracow, Szczecin, Poznan
ILGCN Poland
Lesbians Agreement

Translated by: Mike Urbaniak [Campaign Against Homophobia – Cracow]
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