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2005-04-20 14:07:59 / News read 2479 reading
On 22 April at 2 pm from Wawel Castle will going The March of Tolerance. Again this year we want to celebrate the ideas of tolerance and the aceptance of variety.

Last year The March of Tolerance was a hard test for the polish constitutional rights to demonstrate and not to be discriminated against. The peaceful march was attacked by hooligans and the extremist right. The police did not stop them, and no one was punished. The majority of the march participants were shocked by the scale of the attacker’s aggression and the awkwardness of the police.

Let’s not allow the extremist right and hooligans to intimidate us. We are citizens of this country and we have right to be here. All of us have the right to use public space and also to present openly our views. We cannot accept that violence will be the form to regulate public life.

Always after a time of mourning and reflection comes a time of joy and happiness. We want to rejoice together that we are so many, that we haven’t accepted the presure placed upon us, that we don’t force ourselves to live against our own choices. We live, we love, we are active and we hope that all forms of discrimination will disappear from human life.

We invite to the march all lesbians, gays, their friends, and all people who are called to the idea of tolerance and acceptance for variety.

Cracow, 18 April 2005 r. : LGBT Foundation
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