Women and Economy

2004-07-30 15:16:58 / News read 2451 reading
On Wenesday July 28th 2004, in WIDE secretariat in Brussels, the Women Organizations representing the European Regions took place. NEWW was one of the invited representatives from new EU member countries.

The goal of the meeting was to prepare the Hearing Session of the European Parliament, European Institutions and NGO's. The goal of the "Women and Economy" project is to provide a space for critical reflection and debate on the Eu Enlargement process and implications after the first wave of accession from a gender perspective. The researches would be carried in 5 defined regions: Old EU memebr countries, New members, Second wave accession countires, Balkans, Neigbouring countries, in the area of the topis related to economy issues that especially affect women like: privatization, stabilization, labour market, access to funds, access to social services. The recommendations would be sent to the Parliamentarians and after the hearing session and suggestions from the invited guests the concrete steps would be taken to improve the situation in regions in identified - most sensitive areas.

NEWW-Polska will do the research and write the report about Eastern Europe countires called Neighbouring countries, WIDE - Old Members, BGRF - Second wave countries, Women's Centre - balkans and KARAT - New Member states.

For further information concerning the meeting contact: Zofia Lapniewska or Maria Karadenizli:
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Tytuł informacji: Women and Economy
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