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91. Europeans Bring MDG Demands to Parliament

European citizens took their demands that world leaders end poverty to the European Parliament, where a giant petition symbolic of the voices of 505,823 Europeans was handed over to the President of the EP. 

2010-06-16 17:53:52 / 1358 readings

92. Sweden - Benefits & Policies Support Shared Parenting

From trendy central Stockholm to village in the rugged forest south of the Arctic Circle, 85 percent of Swedish fathers take parental leave. Those who don’t face questions from family, friends and colleagues. As other countries still tinker with maternity leave and women’s rights, Sweden may be a glimpse of the future.


2010-06-11 09:26:02 / 1394 readings

93. Make the United Nations more effective in realizing women’s rights - please sign the petition

In mid June, GEAR Campaign representatives will present a petition to "Make the United Nations more effective in realizing women's rights" to the United Nations President of the General Assembly, H.E. Dr. Ali Abdussalam Treki. If you have not already signed on, please do so before June 10th when the petition will close.

2010-05-26 11:40:36 / 1371 readings

94. France - Parliament Resolution Basis For Veil Ban

France's parliament voted Tuesday May 11 2010 on a non biding resolution aimed at reaffirming the nation's values, and specifying that Muslim veils that cover the face are contrary to gender equality.



2010-05-26 11:32:55 / 1385 readings

95. 2nd European Conference on Politics and Gender

We are pleased to inform that the Second European Conference on Politics and Gender, will be held at Central European University, Budapest, between 13-15 January 2011. The deadline for proposals is June 18.

This is the link to the conference's website: contains full information about the conference and how to submit a proposal.

2010-05-25 08:22:19 / 1377 readings

96. Ireland Launches Women-Only Fund

A NEW fund dedicated solely to women’s causes was launched on 14th of April in Dublin by President Mary McAleese.

The Women’s Fund for Ireland aims to address problems facing women and girls in Ireland including poverty, violence and improving access to healthcare and education. It will also support grassroots projects in areas such as the arts, literacy and support for carers.



2010-05-21 14:34:57 / 1340 readings

97. Moving towards EU action on male violence against women

On 26 April, the EWL welcomed the EU adoption of Council Conclusions on ‘improving prevention to tackle violence against women and care to victims within the scope of law enforcement’. Reinforcing their 8 March Conclusions on the eradication of violence against women in the EU, the Member States hereby express anew their commitment to fight against all forms of violence against women, to developing comprehensive national strategies and an efficient response by the EU. Furthermore, the Conclusions insist on the need for international cooperation to protect victims.

2010-05-21 14:30:07 / 1373 readings

98. UN CEDAW urges Ukraine to eliminate discrimination against Romani women

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) and International Charitable Organization Roma Women Fund “Chiricli” welcome the Concluding Comments of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) in its review of Ukraine’s compliance with the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. The ERRC and Chiricli submitted a report to the Committee in the run-up to its review bringing attention to the situation of Romani women in Ukraine.

2010-05-10 10:11:08 / 1318 readings

99. European Gender Equality Law Review

In this fourth issue of the European Gender Equality Law Review several experts via their individual contributions, the independent experts of the European Network of Legal Experts in the field of Gender Equality highlight interesting developments at national level.

2010-05-07 12:43:12 / 1368 readings

100. Breaking the Silence on Violence

Calls for decision-makers to take violence against women more seriously are beginning to be heard across Europe.  European Voice publishes an article by Jennifer Rankin on the issue of Violence.

2010-05-07 10:59:58 / 1413 readings

101. Europe’s Groundbreaking Decision regarding Violence against Women: Opuz vs. Turkey

On June 9, 2009, the European Court of Human Rights issued a groundbreaking decision concerning violence against women. In Opuz vs. Turkey, the court held that the Turkish government violated three articles of the European Convention on Human Rights and failed to take steps to protect victims/survivors of repeated instances of domestic violence. It also noted that the failure of a government to address gender-based domestic violence is a form of discrimination under the Convention, affirming and strengthening CEDAW.


2010-05-06 14:19:32 / 1574 readings

102. Council of Europe to advance human rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe welcomes the decision of the Committee of Ministers on Wednesday 31 March to adopt a recommendation to member states on measures to combat discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

2010-05-06 13:59:06 / 1427 readings

103. European Confederation for Relief and Development (CONCORD): Statement on MDGs

The European Confederation for Relief and Development (CONCORD) issued a statement in support of immediate accelerated efforts towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015. According to CONCORD, central to making progress in all the MDGs is ensuring that progress-oriented policies and actions are underlined by respect for human rights, and specifically address the needs of women and marginalized groups.

2010-04-30 11:47:07 / 1277 readings

104. Lawyers Reveal Ashton’s EEAS Proposal Breaches EU Law

Development NGOs demand urgent revision of the current proposal as it puts world’s poorest at risk. 

2010-04-26 11:42:03 / 1392 readings

105. Remembering Anna Walentynowicz

On the morning of the 10th of April Poland suffered a great loss in an air disaster near Smoleńsk. Together with the President of the Republic of Poland many other worthy and admirable people met a tragic end, including 24 women; many of whom were remarkable individuals and irreplaceable.

2010-04-26 07:35:41 / 1440 readings
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