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76. Women’s Assembly at the ESF

To our friends in feminist movements, trade unions and European social movements,
We are writing to keep you up to date on the preparation of the Women's Day of the fourth ESF which will be held in Athens in April 2006 and to share with you some reflections and ideas.
First of all, the preparation process of the fourth ESF is far from satisfactory. No decision has as yet been taken on the site of the ESF. This failure is blocking the whole organization process (we can't print posters, etc) and does not allow us to work in any practical sense on the setup of the Women's Day. Moreover, it would be better to postpone the date may for a few weeks to avoid coincidence with the Italian elections (9 April).
2005-12-11 15:25:27 / 2669 readings

77. A Polish-Armenian seminar

A Polish-Armenian seminar "Women in Transition Period Armenian and Polish Experience" took place in two cities in Armenia between Nov. 16-19.

Despite numerous differences in the experience of transition processes in Armenia and Poland, closer investigation reveals that similarities exist, especially as regards gender issues. It therefore seems worth creating conditions to share good practices and building cooperation between our countries. The meeting was coordinated by Dr Jemma Hasratian, from Gender Studies from Yerevan University and Dr Beata Kowalska, Jagiellonian University, Poland and funded by the British Embassies in Poland and in Armenia.

2005-11-27 10:23:34 / 2966 readings

78. Third WHRTI Session

During the third and most recent session of the Institute in Varna, Bulgaria(October 1-5,2005), participants engaged in three days of intensive small group collaboration - working on arguments for two hypothetical women's rights cases before the European Court of Human Rights. Both hypotheticals involved multiple issues of trafficking, sex slavery,rape, domestic violence, emergency contraception, sex discrimination, right to privacy, and ethnic discrimination. Institute participants composed an application to the court, responded to state answers to that application, and participated in a moot court session where they argued both sides of the case.

2005-10-06 11:21:59 / 2490 readings

79. Feminist Leaders Profiles

Form September on NEWW-Polska's web site and in our newsletters we would present the profiles of world feminist movement liders with the interviews given especially for our portal. The first person is the President of the Women’s Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Serbia & Montenegro: Mirjana Dokmanovic.
2005-09-20 13:36:40 / 2852 readings

80. US Ambassador Visits NEWW in Gdansk

The United States Ambassador to Poland, Victor Ashe, visited the headquaters of NEWW/NEWW-Polska in Gdansk in September 1st, 2005.

2005-09-02 14:26:55 / 2445 readings

81. Seminar: Gdansk Gender Budget Initiative

Seminar, that summarised the half-year project and launched the Report - the local analysis of Gender Budget and women's situation in Gdańsk, took place in March 18-19 in Sopot, Poland.

2005-03-23 10:01:34 / 2394 readings

82. Urgent Action - Letters from CEE

Letters in Czech, Bulgarian and Slovak that consider the meeting on February 28 - to march 11th, on Beijing Platform for Action and the Outcome of the Twenty - Third Special Session of the General Assembly can be found on our web-page and send to the goverment of those countries.

2005-02-18 16:48:57 / 2374 readings

83. Writing for Web Training in Macedonia

In Ohrid, Macedonia from the 12th to 16th February 18 women from Central and Eastern Europe met to learn to write efficiently, informatively and interestingly for the web.

2005-02-18 15:25:38 / 2324 readings

84. The Gathering of NEWW Members and Friends

The Network of East-West Women cordially invites you to a gathering for members and friends who will be in New York for the CSW and Beijing+10 meetings.

2005-02-16 14:40:49 / 2226 readings

85. Feminist Economic Dialogue

The European Chapter of the International Asociation for Feminist Economics - IAFFE-Europe - organized an International Conference on Central and Eastern Europe: A feminist economic dialogue on transition and EU - enlargement in Budapest, January 21-22nd 2005.

2005-01-24 16:51:40 / 2095 readings

86. Listserve: Beijing+10

Beijing+10 listserve is a list for individuals and NGOs from CEE/CIS region who are interested in contributing to and/or participating in the 49th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW)that will take place between 28 February to 11 March 2005 in New York.

2004-12-20 10:35:21 / 3253 readings

87. Public Hearing at the European Parliament

On 2nd December 2004 at the European Parliament a Public Hearing on 'The enlarged EU and its agenda for a wider Europe: What consideration for gender equality' took place. Organised by WIDE and based on 5 official regional reports, it gave the clear view over the women's situation in Europe.

2004-12-03 22:32:11 / 2174 readings

88. Role of Equal Opportunities - Prague

The Conference summarizing the project of Gender Studies o.p.s. that verified position and situation of women as the employees of various concerns and companies in Czech Republic – took place in Prague on November 23rd. NEWW-Polska was invited as the women NGO’s representative to point the possibilities for the cooperation and future funding by private sector the gender issues and concerns.
2004-11-25 17:29:31 / 2624 readings

89. Future of the Womens Movement

The 2004 Network Women’s Programm Annual Meeting "Building the Future of the Women's Movement" took place in November 11-13 in Prague, with the hospitality of the Open Society Fund-Prague.
2004-11-19 16:38:08 / 2546 readings

90. Beijing +10 Regional Meeting, Kiev

Promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment described by the governments does not always show the real situation of women. Various women NGO’s from CEE/NIS region dedicated their meeting held in Kiev, 11-14 November, to discussion and exchange the ideas of creating the alternative reports. NEWW-Polska represented Poland.
2004-11-17 11:51:05 / 2350 readings
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