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76. Honour crimes shame the world

It's one of the last great taboos: the murder of at least 20,000 women a year in the name of 'honour'. Nor is the problem confined to the Middle East: the contagion is spreading rapidly

2010-09-08 11:18:11 / 1554 readings

77. Peru - Quechua Indigenous Woman Leads Congress Education Committee - Self-Educated - Champions Non-Discrimination & Rights in Education in Peru

LIMA, Sep 1, 2010 (IPS) - Hilaria Supa has broken down many barriers in her life. Now she has overcome another one, in an unprecedented achievement: this Quechua indigenous woman who never went to school is today chair of the congressional education committee in Peru.
2010-09-08 10:00:26 / 1398 readings

78. Libya - step ahead from women in nationality rights but new law still falls short of full equality

(Beirut) - Libya's new nationality law granting women married to foreign spouses the right to pass their own nationality to their children is a significant move forward for women's rights, Human Rights Watch said today. But the law still contains some contradictory provisions that could be interpreted to perpetuate discrimination, Human Rights Watch said.

2010-09-08 09:38:32 / 1450 readings

79. The power of women's literacy

Some 796 million adults still lack literacy skills. About Two-thirds are women. The International Literacy Day global celebrations will therefore focus on the transformation literacy can bring to women’s lives and thosen  of their families, communities and societies.
2010-09-08 09:29:33 / 1489 readings

80. Decisions for work: an examination of the factors influencing women's decisions for work

The main objective of this ITUC report is to examine the factors that influence women’s decisions for work and to what extent these ‘decisions’ are limited by the opportunities  available to women compared with men. To examine these issues the report looks at the national and international legislation aimed at guaranteeing equal opportunities in the labour market and analyses responses to the global WageIndicator survey which reflects women’s experiences of work.

2010-09-06 13:38:09 / 1436 readings

81. Feminists on the Frontline: Case Studies of Resisting and Challenging Fundamentalisms

This collection of case studies is a testament to the women and men around the world who have stood up to reject the imposition of norms and values in the name of religion as well as to expose and challenge the privileged position given to religion in public policies. In 2008 AWID launched a call for proposals to document the strategies of women's rights activists confronting religious fundamentalisms.

2010-09-06 13:07:32 / 1347 readings

82. Saudi Arabia - Supermarket Chain Breaks Taboo with Women Cashiers Agence France-Presse

Saudi Arabia's leading supermarket chain has broken the country’s strict taboo on women working in public with a pilot programme of women cashiers, a company official said.

2010-09-06 12:53:30 / 1697 readings

83. Southern Africa - more forced or coerced sterilizations of HIV-positive women revealed

JOHANNESBURG, 30 August 2010 (PlusNews) - Veronica* did not realize she had been sterilized while giving birth to her daughter until four years later when, after failing to conceive, she and her boyfriend consulted a doctor."I was like 'Okay, fine', because there was nothing I could do by then, but I was angry. I hate [those nurses]," she told IRIN/PlusNews. Veronica tested HIV-positive during a routine antenatal visit and was given a form to sign by nurses at the hospital where she went to deliver.

2010-09-06 12:43:05 / 1494 readings

84. Women Step Up to Bring Security to Teetering Kyrgyzstan

In the aftermath of violence in Kyrgyzstan, women are jump starting peace talks across ethnic lines—and taking the security of their country in their own hands.

"The first time we speak out to take away the anger. The second time we look to the causes of violence. And maybe the third time we have a conversation."

Often called the Switzerland of Central Asia, mountainous and ethnically diverse Kyrgyzstan was once touted as a success case for peaceful coexistence. Now, following violent clashes in June between Kyrgyz and Uzbeks, ethnic tension is threatening to topple the stability of the entire region. But, a well-organized and thriving women’s movement could pull Kyrgyzstan back from the brink. Nurgul Djanaeva reports.

2010-09-06 12:24:33 / 1587 readings

85. Nepal: Rising Suicides of Women - Call for Causes, Issues, Support

Kathmandu (Women's Feature Service) - When Nepal's parliament was assembling to elect a new prime minister in July, very few people noticed that Sharada Nepali, a 39-year-old lawmaker from a minor party, was missing. Away from the television cameras and the excitement in the house, Nepali, a mother of six, was grappling with death in a city hospital; she had tried to kill herself by drinking carbolic acid.

2010-09-06 11:31:27 / 1480 readings

86. Consequences of sexual violence for the mental health of women in armed conflicts

Sexual violence has serious and multiple consequences for the mental health of women.
At the psychological level, it leads to radical changes in the image that the victim has of herself, in her relations with her immediate social circle and beyond, in the community
as a whole, and in the way in which the victim sees the past, present, and future.

2010-09-06 10:53:44 / 1496 readings

87. Armenia - Research Study On Domestic Violence

Almost one in ten women in Armenian has been physically ill-treated by their husbands or partners, according to government research commissioned by a United Nations agency.

2010-09-06 10:24:48 / 1418 readings

88. African Women's Decade - UK Launch – WILPF

'Deaths caused by pregnancy in Africa are more than all the deaths from AIDS, TB and malaria combined,' says Marie-Claire Faray, vice president of UK WILPF-Women's' International League for Peace and Freedom speaking to a group of women from all over the diaspora who have gathered in London to mark the UK launch of African Women's Decade. The decade is the African Union's (AU) new 10-year campaign to deliver gender equality, women's advancement and the respect of women's rights in Africa. 'Women have a right to survive, to be alive,' says Faray. 'It's time to identify our right, claim it and take control of it.'

2010-08-23 08:43:05 / 1455 readings

89. Hymen restoration surgery in China

A growing number of Chinese women -- mostly in their 20s and about to get married -- are opting for a surgical procedure called "hymen restoration," which returns the hymen to its condition before it was ruptured, which typically occurs during first sexual contact but can also happen while playing sports or doing other strenuous activities.

2010-08-19 13:37:49 / 1761 readings

90. Widening women’s political representation in Kyrgyzstan

When Jogorku Kenesh, the Kyrgyz parliament, convened in 2005, it had no female members.  Only one member of the cabinet of ministers was a woman. 

2010-08-18 07:49:56 / 1543 readings
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