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61. Gender Budgeting in 3 Countries

"Gender Budgeting as an Instrument for Managing Scientific Organisations to Promote Equal Opportunities for Women and Men – With the Example of Universities" is the new project realized by four partners: Frauenakademie München e.V., Sozialwissenschaftliches Institut München, Department of Economics / Institute for Institutional and Heterodox Economics and Network East-West Women (NEWW) -Poland.

2006-09-01 11:34:19 / 3850 readings

62. EU Gender Watch Network Established

After the seminar held in Gdansk, Poland, in June 26-27, the Network of 15 Experts from: New Member States as well as EU Neighbouring countries, Caucasus and East Asia was established.
2006-07-07 10:15:00 / 3673 readings

63. Network Invitation - 2 People Needed

Deadline for the applications for the New Member States for capacity building training enabling to participate in EU Gender Watch project was extended to 1st of June.
2006-05-29 14:33:01 / 2900 readings

64. Networking for Change Meeting

In May 11-14th, 2006 took place the conference called "Natworking for Change" in Sopot. It gave the opportunity to meet the women's activists from Central and Eastren Europe as well as Balkans and East Asia and work on current women's issues.

2006-05-18 16:28:00 / 4714 readings

65. Development Focal Points

TERMS OF REFERENCEforthree Subregional Focal Points to cooperate with the EU Gender Watch Secretariat in the EU Gender Watch Project June 2006- May 2007. (The fourth Focal Point is established by the EU Gender Watch Secretariat in Central Europe).
2006-05-10 15:04:35 / 2968 readings

66. Invitation to the Network

TERMS OF REFERENCE for 15 participants from New Member States, potential Member States and EU Neighboring Countries for capacity building training enabling to participate in EU Gender Watch project.
2006-05-10 14:44:49 / 2812 readings

67. Networking for Change

The project of the Network of East-West Women (NEWW/NEWW-Polska) aims at enabling former participants of NEWW Legal Fellowship Programme to develop new areas of activities that would be beneficial for women in CEE/NIS region and at building the regional (CEE/NIS) network of young women’s lawyers which would improve their cooperation and give more possibilities for common action.
2006-05-08 14:44:04 / 2772 readings

68. NEWW Granted a Presidency Fund Aid

The results of the First Call for Proposals issued between 4 November 2005 and 22 January 2006 has lead to almost €240,000 granted in aid and will help finance the activities of 7 organizations over the next year.
2006-04-24 10:29:44 / 2691 readings

69. NEWW International Committee Elected

8 new members of the International Steerting Committee were elected by NEWW members! At the moment NEWW's International Council includes 21 women's right scholars and advocates from 12 countries East and West. The Council is elected online once a year. Next election will be held in January 2007.

2006-04-05 14:36:02 / 3235 readings

70. 2006 NEWW Board of Director’s Elections

NEWW is now accepting nominations for the 2006 NEWW International Steering Committee (ISC) elections. Participation in the nominating process and elections for the 2006 ISC is open to all NEWW members.
2006-02-23 15:17:55 / 2926 readings

71. Watch Group. Gender & Public Finance

The “Watch Group. Gender and Public Finance”, a civil society group working on Gender Budgeting in Austria, has organized a networking event for European Gender Budgeting Initiatives in February 2006. The focus of this event was on outside government initiatives, both from civil society and academics.

2006-02-16 17:16:14 / 3239 readings

72. Dear Readers

Since 2003 you have been receiving a NEWW-Poland Newsletter with the most recent information about situation of women in Poland, combating discrimination, interesting events in Europe and in the world.
2006-01-30 16:42:23 / 3082 readings

73. Letter to the Prime Minister

Dear Prime Minister! A Strategic Planning Meeting of Polish women’s organizations took place on the 6th and 7th January 2006 in Warsaw. It’s goal was to discuss the current political situation and determine our plans for the upcoming years.

2006-01-19 16:58:43 / 3414 readings

74. Strategy Meeting in Poland

Over 80 Polish women activists from 70 organizations participated in a Strategy Meeting co-organized by NEWW-Polska in Warsaw on 6-7 January 2006. The aim of the meeting was a recognition of a current political situation and selection of the most effective strategies and methods for Polish women movement.
2006-01-09 14:39:05 / 2870 readings

75. SPECA Working Group

Women have direct interest in solving development problems through closer economic cooperation under the UN Special Programme for Central Asia (SPECA). These problems undermine progress and impoverish their families and communities. Women represent, however also, an untapped potential to be used to accelerate growth and development in the region.

2005-12-15 16:27:59 / 2629 readings
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