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61. Polish Nationalism Resurgent

The enlargement of Poland's conservative government by two parties, variously described as populist, nationalist or anti-EU, is proving controversial.
2006-05-11 14:18:57 / 3367 readings

62. Country Reports on Human Rights

Section 5 Discrimination, Societal Abuses, and Trafficking in Persons: The law prohibits discrimination based on race, gender, disability, language or social status, and the government effectively enforced these provisions in practice; however, violence and societal discrimination against women and ethnic minorities persisted.
2006-03-10 11:25:36 / 3471 readings

63. We cannot move back to the XIX century.

Under-secretary Joanna Kluzik-Rostkowska: One can be more or less pro-family, that is a case of individual choice, but we must realize that the fact that less children are being born will have severe consequences and as a society we should do what we can to increase, not decrease, the birth of children. Of course I don’t mean that now every woman in the name of patriotism should give birth to five children! However it is the responsibility of the country to make sure that families who want to have children will be encouraged to do so.
2006-03-07 13:46:09 / 3378 readings

64. Official Homophobia Threatens Human Rights

As a new government in Poland brings to power officials with long records of opposing gay and lesbian rights, it is more important than ever for the country's leadership to affirm all citizens' equality, Human Rights Watch said today in a letter to Polish President Lech Kaczynski.
2006-02-20 11:57:15 / 3385 readings

65. Tysiac Against Polish Government

Alicja Tysiąc is a 35-year-old Polish national who lives in Warsaw. Having suffered for many years from severe myopia (approximately –20 dioptres in each eye), the applicant decided to consult several doctors when she discovered in February 2000 that she was pregnant for the third time, as she was concerned that her pregnancy might have an impact on her health.
2006-02-10 15:09:56 / 3486 readings

66. Pope entrusts President with the Mission

At the first foreign trip of the President of Poland, the pope Benedictus XVI entrusted Mr. Lech Kaczyński with the mission of promoting Christian values in Europe. The pope sees the importance of this task in the context of growing hostility against the Church in many European countries.
2006-02-03 14:03:39 / 2881 readings

67. Polish Journalist Jailed

A Polish journalist started a three-month jail term on Monday, becoming the only person in the European Union serving a criminal sentence for libel, an international human rights group said.
2006-01-19 11:19:00 / 2978 readings

68. Birth Allowance

Poland's parliament passed a new law guaranteeing a one-time payment of 1,000 PLN (260 EURO) to the poorest women for each child they give birth to.
2006-01-12 11:24:39 / 3862 readings

69. Clothes Factories in Poland

Clean Clothes Campaign and KARAT Coalition has published a report titled “Work Conditions of Women Working in Clothes Factories in Poland.
2005-12-15 11:33:19 / 3525 readings

70. EPSD is Seeking Regional Coordinator

The Environmental Partnership for Sustainable Development is seeking a regional coordinator/fundraiser.
2005-12-06 15:57:31 / 2739 readings

71. Resuscitation of Democracy

Marches in Poland, 26-27 November 2005. The peaceful demonstration against discrimination in terms of sex, religion, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation, called the March of Equality that had been planned for 19th of November (UNESCO International Day of Tolerance) in Poznan, was banned by local authorities.
2005-11-30 17:10:37 / 3113 readings

72. Polish Opposition in the European Parliament

On Wednesday there was a violent dispute between two socialist Member of the European Parliament Veronique De Keyser (Belgium) and Ana Gomes (Portugal) and anti choice MEPs over an exhibition against abortion ‘Life and Children in Europe’ .
2005-11-22 14:15:01 / 2970 readings

73. New Adviser on the Protection of Life

On 16th of November, the Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz declared on the extremely right-wing Radio Maria that he was going to appoint in his office the Special Adviser on the Protection of Life issues.. The Prime Minister assured that he was not afraid of Brussels’ directives and resolutions that call for softening the policy towards abortion.
2005-11-22 14:07:44 / 2780 readings

74. Women Activists Detained

Several dozens of people, participants of Equality March in Poznan, were detained by the police.
2005-11-19 18:42:10 / 3143 readings

75. Interview with Polish Vice Prime Minister

"No matter what happens during these elections, I will surely not give up on my values, my understanding of human rights, women's rights and the rights of homosexual people. No matter where I will be working, you can count on me. I would also like to say that all of what I have done so far is of great thanks to your courage and activity. I would like to kindly thank you for being so courageous and active" says Izabela Jaruga - Nowacka - Polish Vice Prime Minister.
2005-11-16 20:37:24 / 2704 readings
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