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61. 2nd EUROPEAN CONFERENCE ‘From Daddy Quotas to Care Parity: For Equality, Equal Leave Rights’

The Spanish Platform for Equal and Non - Transferable Parental Leave organizing the 2nd EUROPEAN CONFERENCE, where all organizations and individuals interested in supporting progress towards gender equality can converge: from feminists, to egalitarian men groups, as well as youth groups, trade unions, civil society organizations, members of the Spanish Parliament, public administration and the academic community.


2010-11-22 11:31:43 / 1344 readings

62. EWL Campaign - "Together For Europe Free Of Prostitution"

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) has been for years delivering a clear political statement committed to work towards a Europe free from prostitution, by supporting key abolitionist principles which state that the prostitution of women and girls constitutes a fundamental violation of women’s human rights, a serious form of male violence against women, and a key obstacle to gender equality in our societies. The EWL Centre on violence against women is now working on an EWL campaign to deliver a strong message towards a Europe free from prostitution.

2010-11-18 16:00:16 / 1284 readings

63. Scotland: Report Reveals Forced Marriages in Edinburgh are Under-Reported

The Direct Approach network, a partnership between Edinburgh police and organizations representing ethnic minority women, released a report on October 13th, 2010 indicating that the number of forced marriages taking place in the city is much higher than the number reported.

2010-11-18 10:28:05 / 1312 readings

64. Feminisms in Transnational Perspective course

The Zagreb Centre for Women’s Studies in collaboration with four institutions listed below are pleased to announce the fifth postgraduate course on Feminisms in Transnational Perspective.



2010-11-15 15:41:58 / 1297 readings

65. MIGS Launches Information Campaign on Gender-based Violence among Young People

Within the framework of the Daphne III project 'Perspective', the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies [MIGS] is launching an awareness raising campaign on gender-based violence in interpersonal relationships.


2010-11-15 15:38:43 / 1308 readings

66. Conference on Trafficing of Roma Women - Invitation

BUDAPEST, 26 OCTOBER 2010: Since January 2009, the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) and People in Need (PiN) Slovakia have implemented a research project in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia on the trafficking of Romani children, men and women.

2010-11-08 09:03:35 / 1336 readings

67. Litigation Surgery on the Right to Education in Central and Eastern Europe - 9 - 10 December 2010, London

INTERIGHTS is pleased to announce a call for applications to lawyers who would like to participate in a forthcoming regional litigation surgery on the right to education. All applicants are required to submit for discussion current or potential cases involving violations of the right to education focusing on the themes detailed in the application form.

2010-10-27 07:51:32 / 1369 readings

68. European Year of Combating Violence against Women?

On 9th of September 2010 European Parliament signed the Declaration on establishing a European Year of Combating Violence against Women!

2010-10-26 14:36:23 / 1366 readings

69. Maternity rights: European Parliament votes for more equality between women and men and a more sustainable future!

On 20th of October European Parliament by a large majority passed a Resolution in favour of substantially increasing European minimum standards for maternity and paternity leave provisions. In what supporters are lauding a great victory for the women and men living in Europe, the Parliament approved an increase of maternity leave provisions from 14 weeks to 20 weeks and the introduction of two weeks leave for new fathers, both fully paid.



2010-10-25 12:20:03 / 1265 readings

70. European Women’s Lobby criticises EU’s gender neutral approach of trafficking and calls for focus on demand for prostitution, in line with 1949 UN Convention

On 18 October, the EU will celebrate its fourth Anti-Trafficking Day, and launch a two-day conference on trafficking in human beings. The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) is concerned about the growing trend in European and international fora to address trafficking in human beings as a homogeneous issue, leading to general actions which fail to address the root causes of the different forms of trafficking.

2010-10-18 13:16:50 / 1312 readings

71. New EU Strategy for gender equality has potential to deliver results, says European Women’s Lobby

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL), the largest umbrella organisation of women’s associations in the European Union, today welcomed the launch of the EU’s much anticipated new five year strategy for equality between women and men. ‘A number of crucial issues are dealt with in this new document and some concrete actions are outlined’, said Myria Vassiliadou, Secretary General of the EWL; ‘what is less clear at this stage are the ways in which the Strategy translates the Women’s Charter [which President Barroso and Vice President Viviane Reding launched back in March] into binding measures.’

2010-09-23 11:24:31 / 1331 readings

72. Amnesty International campaign: new European Gender Equality Strategy must actively engage women

Amnesty International’s European Campaign to end female genital mutilation (FGM) commends the European Commission for presenting an action-oriented strategy to combat violence against women in its strategy to promote gender equality.

2010-09-23 10:52:24 / 1348 readings

73. The Sex Buyer - New Publication

A new publication on human trafficking and prostitution has been released by the Swedish Institute. Targeting the sexbuyer. The Swedish example: stopping prostitution and trafficking where it all begins is by Kajsa Claude

2010-09-23 07:58:24 / 1086 readings

74. REACT to Domestic Violence: Building a Support System for Victims of Domestic Violence

The Legal Informational Centre for NGOs Slovenia-PIC, Slovenia, in partnership with the Mediterranean Institute of Gender Studies (MIGS) is coordinating a project entitled REACT to Domestic Violence: Building a Support System for Victims of Domestic Violence, and funded by the European Commission Daphne III Programme.

2010-09-20 10:33:34 / 1285 readings

75. Ireland A prostitute's life - "Men do not care if women are hurt"

Punched in the face, kicked down stairs, bitten, starved and beaten - women involved in prostitution in Ireland are increasingly at risk of violence. Does this rise in sexual aggression identify a link between degradation of women and the universal availability of hard pornography?

2010-09-15 14:22:49 / 1913 readings
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