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61. China - studies reveal high rates of domestic violence

Despite successful campaigns to promote gender equality, China continues to struggle with high rates of domestic violence, which experts say impacts not only families but society as a whole.


2010-11-19 12:12:13 / 1783 readings

62. Canada - YWCA Rose Campaign To End Violence Against Women & Girls

The Rose Campaign is a national advocacy campaign to end violence against women and girls. The Campaign takes its name from the original Rose button, created 20 years ago to commemorate 14 young women who were murdered at l’Ecole Polytechnique, by calling for action on violence against women and promoting strategies to stop violence in our communities.


2010-11-18 12:41:16 / 1641 readings

63. No Rest for the Weary – Women Declare War on Gender Violence

Women from a dozen countries convened in New York last week to share their struggles to implement state legislation and empower women at the grassroots level to put an end to gender- based violence (GBV) worldwide.



2010-11-15 10:23:55 / 1469 readings

64. United Nations Elects Executive Board of New Agency for Women’s Empowerment

10 NOVEMBER 2010 |  NEWS Member States today took the next step in enabling the newly-created United Nations agency on gender equality and women’s empowerment to begin its work by electing countries to serve on its Executive Board.

2010-11-11 16:58:57 / 1148 readings

65. PAKISTAN: The troubled history of domestic violence legislation in the country.

For more than a year, Pakistan's Domestic Violence (Prevention and Protection) Bill has languished in legislative limbo, awaiting political resuscitation. The National Assembly passed the bill on August 4, 2009, but the Senate failed to do so within three months mandated by the Constitution, opting to let the bill lapse.

2010-11-03 12:47:06 / 1921 readings

66. How are women faring in Tajikistan?

As one of five Central Asian Republics that have become separate, sovereign states after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Tajikistan has endured a five-year civil war, two decades of economic devastation, disease epidemics, natural disasters, massive labor migration and dangers associated with a thriving drug trade – all in its ‘young’ history. Tajiki journalist Amina Murodova speaks with AWID’s Lejla Medanhodzic about how women are faring in this country of just over 7 million people.

2010-11-03 12:31:00 / 1622 readings

67. Violence Against Women A Global Phenomenon - UN Report

Violence against women remains widespread across the world, exacerbated by traditions and customary practices that determine the way women are treated in families, places of work and communities, according to a United Nations report

2010-11-03 12:25:57 / 1554 readings

68. Recognizing Rights Promoting Progress The Global Impact of CEDAW

The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) provides an important tool for countries to use in realizing the potential of women and girls. In the three decades since this convention was adopted by the United Nations and ratified by 186 of 193 nations, countries have incorporated CEDAW principles in their national constitutions, legislation and administrative policies. Countless civil society organizations and individual women have relied on the principles of the convention to improve the lives of women and girls.

2010-11-02 14:29:52 / 1483 readings

69. CWGL - Center for Women's Global Leadership - is thrilled to announce the launch of the new 16 Days Campaign website!

CWGL - Center for Women's Global Leadership - is thrilled to announce the launch of the new 16 Days Campaign website! The highlight of the new website is a system where you can directly submit your campaigning plans to the online International Calendar of Campaign Activities.

2010-11-02 13:27:31 / 1476 readings

70. "Women's Labour Migration in the Context of Globalisation" - the new publication of

The new publication from WIDE, entitled "Women's Labour Migration in the Context of Globalisation" offers an introduction to important contemporary political analysis on the influence of globalisation on women´s work, mobility and empowerment. Authors of the report Anja K. Franck and Andrea Spehar highlight how globalisation shapes women´s labour migration.



2010-10-18 12:58:31 / 1469 readings

71. Chechnya-Russia - Authorities Take Steps To End Bride-stealing

The authorities in Russia's southern republic of Chechnya say they are taking unprecedented steps to stop women from being kidnapped and forced into marriage.

2010-10-14 09:09:14 / 1577 readings

72. Global Gender Gap Report 2010

The Global Gender Gap Report 2010 has been published on 12th of October.

2010-10-13 11:00:35 / 1511 readings

73. Siberia: Film "Miss GULAG" - personal stories of women in prison

MISS GULAG is a rare look at the lives of the first generation of women to come of age in post-Soviet Russia, where women’s unemployment and incarceration rates are very high.

2010-09-20 10:14:12 / 1764 readings

74. The GEAR Campaign Enthusiastically Welcomes the New Under-Secretary-General, Michelle Bachelet, Former Chilean President

The Gender Equality Architecture Reform (GEAR) Campaign is thrilled that the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon has chosen Michelle Bachelet as the new Under-Secretary-General (USG) of UN Women. This appointment is essential to the effectiveness of the new entity and the campaign is pleased that the UN SG has selected a qualified and strong leader for this high level UN position that will envision and work for the future of women’s rights and advocate for women worldwide.

2010-09-15 14:29:54 / 1579 readings

75. After the Fall: Time for a New Deal - the new Social Watch report

On the eve of the MDG Summit, Social Watch invites you to a lively debate with key authors of the Social Watch Report 2010. On Friday 17th of September 2010, at 5:00 p.m till 7:00 p.m, 2nd Floor Conference Room, Church Center - 777 United Nations Plaza, New York.





2010-09-15 13:48:55 / 1530 readings
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