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46. Scholarship Extension for Application

Deadline for applications for Professor Isabel Marcus' domestic violence fellowship at the university at Buffalo has been extended to April 10, 2007.
2007-03-29 18:43:22 / 3286 readings

47. Host the European Feminist Forum

Steering Committee of the European Feminist Forum has agreed that the event of the European Feminist Forum to be held in Poland. We expect 500 feminists from all over Europe to come to Poland, from 13-15 June 2008, and create an active agenda for a feminist Europe.
2007-03-24 18:48:25 / 3426 readings

48. Feminist Leaders Profiles - Croatia

Sanja Sarnavka has served as President of the Women’s Human Rights Group B.a.B.e. for the last five years and has been a coordinator for the Open Society Institute’s Women and Media project for the last eight years. She is also a lecturer at the Center for Women Studies with a course on the media. Prior to her full-time commitment to nongovernmental organizations, she has worked as a teacher, journalist, translator, and editor, as well as served as director of two schools. From 2003 to 2004 she was a member of the Croatian Parliament’s Committee for Human Rights and Rights of Minorities.
2007-03-21 15:38:54 / 3053 readings


On 8 March - Women's Day was celebrated in very special way in Poland. First of all it was a big female solidarity march. Women and men, representing feminist organizations and sexual minorities and other groups took part together in that happening calling “We are fed up! We want changes!”

2007-03-12 16:59:32 / 3919 readings

50. Reforming the UN Gender Equality Architecture

The International Gender Policy Network (IGPN) – has organized a consultation of women’s NGO networks, actively engaged in work to advance gender equality in EU, Central and Eastern and South Europe and the CIS region.

2007-02-22 16:06:17 / 3341 readings

51. NEWW Invited to Collaborate in Reconstituting Democracy

NEWW will collaborate in a new study on gender equality and democracy in the European Union. This study is part of a recently launched 5 year- integrated project entitled Reconstituting Democracy in Europe (RECON,

2007-02-20 10:08:24 / 3357 readings

52. NEW Member of NEWW

Frauenakademie München e.V. (FAM) or Women's Academy, Munich, supports women in achieving equal positions in science, economy, politics and the public arena. As a non-university research institute, the Women's Academy, Munich, offers a space for debates on feminist theory and practice and for the development of feminist ideas and projects. FAM organises conferences, supports women's networks and the exchange of ideas between women.

2006-12-29 22:12:06 / 3910 readings

53. Do the Governments Care?

NEWW-Polska contributed to the creation of Facts Sheets on the State Response to Violence against Women.

2006-12-28 14:52:55 / 3186 readings

54. 2007 NEWW Board of Director’s Elections

NEWW is now accepting nominations for the 2007 NEWW International Steering Committee (ISC) elections. Participation in the nominating process and elections for the 2007 ISC is open to all NEWW members.
2006-12-05 13:10:03 / 3037 readings

55. Isabel Marcus Fellowship

Domestic Violence Legal Fellowship

An exciting educational and practice-oriented opportunity for a young practicing lawyer with a deep interest in domestic violence legal issues (primarily against women and children) who works with or in a Non-Governmental Organization concerned with domestic violence in her country (in Central Eastern Europe, the CIS, the Balkans, the Caucasus or the Central Asian Republics). She must be committed to continue working in the family violence field in her country after completing the fellowship.
2006-11-19 21:09:50 / 3888 readings

56. Become a Member of NEWW!

NEWW is opening to members from outside the CEE/CIS region.

Become a Member of NEWW.

Members of NEWW from the region of CEE/CIS are looking for opportunities to collaborate, share experience and support with organizations from other countries. They are particularly interested in finding partners in the EU countries. It is because some of them come from accession countries, and also because the EU policies are so crucial for their activities and lives. There is a need for common lobbying, advocacy and common campaigns. We need to learn from each other and to cooperate, e.g. women in Poland need a support because of the governmental plans to ban abortion.
2006-11-05 12:20:46 / 2838 readings

57. Media About Us...

EU GENDER WATCH - Project implemented by the Network of East-West Women, funded by the Presidency Fund - described at WOMEN'S UN REPORT NETWORK(WUNRN) web site.
2006-10-23 14:45:39 / 2482 readings

58. VI Baltic Sea NGO Forum

For the 6th time the Baltic Sea NGO Forum will be organized. This Autumn it will take place in Stockholm arranged by Forum Syd. NEWW-Polska was invited to lead the anti-discrimination workshop.
2006-10-04 10:38:40 / 2909 readings

59. Social Watch IIIrd Assembly

More that 100 delegates from all the continents came to Sofia, Bulgaria, to participate in the Social Watch 3rd Assembly that took place in September 23-26th 2006.
2006-09-29 13:32:03 / 2861 readings

60. What is a Structural Adjustment?

Response given by Ms. Ann McLaughlin, Director of nGoAbroad: A Structural Adjustment LOAN (SAL) is a loan made by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to a nation. A Structural Adjustment PROGRAM (SAP) is the agreement made about how that loan will be paid back.
2006-09-01 13:52:05 / 2882 readings
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