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46. Project Coordinator CEE Bankwatch Network

CEE Bankwatch Network (Bankwatch) is looking to recruit for a project coordinator to coordinate a three year international awareness-raising project focused on the role of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in the global south.
2007-01-12 15:42:38 / 3329 readings

47. Conscience

Special Report on Poland: Exorcising the Past, Imperiling the Future. The News Journal of Catholic Opinion - European Supplement 2006-2007.
2007-01-08 14:31:59 / 3023 readings

48. Abortion Supporters “Coming Out”

Fifty people took part in a demonstration in front of the Polish Parliament (Sejm) during which five women publicly admitted to having had an abortion. Two of them had done it during the current legal dispensation.
2006-12-12 13:51:48 / 5059 readings

49. Limiting Access to Contraception

The political initiative to totally ban abortion in Poland is now followed by the debate on contraception. Members of the Parliamentarian Committee for Family and Women’s Rights (CFWR) are developing National Programme for Family Support (NPFS) that is due to be implemented in 2007.
2006-11-17 11:34:35 / 3455 readings

50. Round-Table and Training Seminar

“Setting Up Strategies for Strengthening Gender Integration in Water Management” (Contribution to D.6-3.1a, M. 6.3-1), Tuesday 7 November – Wednesday 8 November 2006, Location: Qubus Hotel Prestige Katowice, ul. Uniwersytecka 1340-007 Katowice.
2006-10-24 15:09:15 / 2866 readings

51. Constitutional Protection of Unborn Life

Polish Vice Prime Minister calls for the constitutional protection of unborn life. A real threat of further restrictions on the anti–abortion law in Poland is present. According to the existing bill, termination of pregnancy is legal to save women’s life and health, when the fetus is badly deformed or when the pregnancy is a result of a crime.
2006-09-04 16:25:29 / 3464 readings

52. Legality of Privatizations

Many adults in Poland are dissatisfied with some government measures, according to a poll by CBOS. 71 per cent of respondents think the process of privatization in Poland has been conducted in violation of the law.
2006-08-28 12:46:21 / 3052 readings

53. Poland Commemorates Roma Holocaust Day

The 62nd anniversary of the liquidation of the Gypsies' camp was celebrated on Wednesday at the premises of the former Nazi Auschwitz II - Birkenau death camp in Poland, the PAP news agency reported.
2006-08-22 16:16:16 / 3234 readings

54. 7th International Queer Studies Conference

Seeking Queer Alliances: Resisting Dominant Discourses and Institutions organized by Warsaw University's Gender Studies Programand American Studies Center
2006-08-10 10:57:38 / 3461 readings

55. Danger of Stricter Ban on Abortion

2 August, Warsaw. In a few weeks, the League of Polish Families (LPR) will propose a draft law to further restrict anti-abortion law in Poland. According to Wojciech Wierzejski, Vice-president of LPR and former Member of the European Parliament, abortion for medical reasons, when a woman's health is threatened, should be banned.
2006-08-08 09:40:08 / 3388 readings

56. Against the EC Human Rights Manual

Roman Giertych, the minister of education and the leader of the ultra-conservative party, League of Polish Families, dismissed the director of the Center for the Professional Training of Teachers for publishing and promoting the official manual of the European Council aimed at preparing young people to participate in the life of civil society and democratic state.
2006-07-19 13:37:17 / 2781 readings

57. Gay Activists Hold Warsaw Rally

Thousands of people have taken part in a gay rights march in the Polish capital to protest against ongoing discrimination against homosexuals.
2006-06-12 09:48:27 / 3054 readings

58. Do we Need Gender

An official response to statements of Polish Ministry of Education on the matter of international project of Campaign Against Homophobia (Kampania Przeciw Homofobii) “Do We Need Gender”.
2006-05-23 15:17:10 / 3231 readings

59. Equality Days 2006

The Programme of "Dni Równości 2006 - Kultura Różnorodności" contains five main events:"Kultura Różnorodności - TEDDY on Tour in Warsaw" Film Festival International Conference Equality Parade Concert, Gala and Afterparty "Kultura Różnorodności" Smaller festival-related events.
2006-05-18 16:11:36 / 3013 readings

60. Letter from Poland

When Kazimiera Szczuka, a well-known literarycritic and television personality here, satirized a young woman whooften recites prayers for broadcast on Radio Maryja, anultraconservative Roman Catholic radio station in Poland, she did notknow, she says, that the young woman suffered from a cripplingdisease and used a wheelchair.
2006-05-11 14:26:24 / 3238 readings
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