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31. Polish Women Write to the European Parliament

Polish Women's Lobby sent a letter yesterday to Ms Anna Zaborska, President of the Women's Rights and Gender Equality Comittee of the European Parliament.
2008-01-12 17:58:38 / 3437 readings

32. New Initiative to Further Restrict Abortion

The Polish Ombudsman Janusz Kochanowski is considering filing the complaint to the Polish Constitutional Tribunal against the article of the anti-abortion law allowing for abortion on therapeutic grounds. He believes this article is not constitutional due to the lack of precision . His intention is to limit access to abortion if health problems are not serious enough.

2008-01-07 10:49:58 / 3409 readings

33. Polish New Rulers – Will They Deliver for Women’s Rights?

The Civic Platform, the winning party in the 2007 parliamentary election in Poland, made a lot of promises before the elections to the Polish public. First of all - lower taxes, easier life for business people and quick economic growth. It did not promise anything in particular to women but nevertheless many women went to vote for the party of Donald Tusk. To be more precise, one can say that they voted not so much for Tusk but rather against the infamous Kaczynski “twins”.

2007-11-25 16:30:48 / 3315 readings

34. Polish Elections

Poland's opposition parties have won the parliamentary elections.
2007-11-12 10:23:58 / 3253 readings

35. Poland Refuses OSCE Election Monitors

The Polish government has refused a request to let OSCE election observers monitor its elections on 21 October, dismissing such an obligation as "inappropriate".
2007-09-27 18:44:22 / 2876 readings

36. EU Rebuffs Poland on Death Penalty

The European Union rebuffed President Lech Kaczynski of Poland over his support for a return of the death penalty in the 25- nation bloc.
2007-09-27 18:36:46 / 3089 readings

37. Decision to Penalize Poland for Pro-Life Law

In June of this year, the Polish government appealed the ruling of a European Human Rights Court that ordered the largely pro-life nation to pay restitution to a woman who was not permitted to obtain an abortion under strict Polish abortion law. According to the Irish Times, the court yesterday rejected Poland's appeal and confirmed the previous ruling essentially granting a higher acknowledgement to European Union (EU) standards over the sovereignty of individual nations and their laws.
2007-09-27 18:24:58 / 3015 readings

38. Illegal Abortive Pills

The police had been observing the accused for a long time and finally intervened when the 40 year-old defendant was about to see a woman who needed a clandestine medical abortion on 12th of July.
2007-08-29 12:16:04 / 2998 readings

39. Fatal Transactions: Summer School

The UNIVERSITY OF WROCŁAW and FATAL TRANSACTIONS invitestudents of IR, economy and political science from Central and EasternEurope to a Summer School devoted to the contemporary problems ofAFRICA with special reference to CONFLICTS OVER NATURALRESOURCES.
2007-06-19 15:55:10 / 3391 readings

40. INWES Regional Symposium

We invite you for INWES Regional Symposium On Women Scientists And Engineers Of New Eu Countries And East Europe organized by the University of Wroclaw in collaboration with International Network of Women Engineers and Scientists
2007-05-31 11:11:52 / 3271 readings

41. Petition Poland: Hands off Human Rights

Send a message to Poland’s government that it must respect human rights for all. Sign the petition below!
2007-05-11 19:58:26 / 3022 readings

42. Alicja Tysiac Wins Against Polish Government

On 20th of March the European Court of Human Rights announced its verdict in favour of Alicja Tysiac, a Polish woman who was denied access to abortion although she was legally entitled to it.
2007-03-26 23:44:03 / 3983 readings

43. Democracy & Diversity Institute in Krakow

The Transregional Center for Democratic Studies (TCDS) announces itssixteenth annual Democracy & Diversity Summer Institute in Krakow,Poland, which will be held from July 9-27, 2007. Widely known for creating an intimate forum for lively but rigorous debate on critical issues of democratic life, the Instituteoffers an intensive program of study that is equivalent to a full semester of graduate study at an American University.
2007-03-19 13:08:32 / 3390 readings

44. The Tibetan’s Women Association

The main guest on the 2nd Polish conference about "Women in Culture. Femininity, masculinity and sexuality" was dr. B. Tsering Yeshi - The President of Tibetan Women's Association. Her guest touring performance was called "Violations of reproductive rights on Tibetan women".
2007-03-09 16:17:59 / 3328 readings

45. Minister’s Criticism of Abortion & Gays

Warsaw - Roman Giertych, Poland's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Friday upheld his controversial proposal to include a ban on abortion and rights for homosexuals in any possible future European constitution.
2007-03-05 14:16:26 / 3040 readings
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