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241. Job: Gender Rights Legal Specialist

The Tajikistan Gender Rights Legal Specialist will be working with the Country Director and resident Staff Attorneys in Dushanbe, Tajikistan to direct the gender rights program. The Specialist will conduct skills trainings on domestic violence and trafficking in persons through the facilitation of holistic community action.

2008-11-13 14:49:34 / 1031 readings

242. The 11th AWID Forum: Hopes and Concerns

In one week’s time, the 11th International AWID Forum will begin in Cape Town, South Africa. AWID spoke with two South African women’s rights activists about their work, their hopes for and concerns about the Forum.

2008-11-13 13:29:18 / 980 readings

243. United Nations Democracy Fund

The UNDEF Third Round of Funding is now open. Applications will be accepted from 10 November to 31 December 2008, and can be made only through the UNDEF online facility. They must be written in English or French, the two working languages of the United Nations. Applications sent by E-mail, fax or post will NOT be accepted.

2008-11-13 13:12:51 / 941 readings

244. Interview with Shirin Ebadi

Shirin Ebadi (Persian: شیرین عبادی - Širin Ebâdi; born 21 June 1947) is an Iranian lawyer, human rights activist and founder of Children's Rights Support Association in Iran. On October 10, 2003, Ebadi was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her significant and pioneering efforts for democracy and human rights, especially women's, children's, and refugee rights. She is the first Iranian to receive the prize.

2008-11-13 12:57:43 / 821 readings

245. China: Comfortable Housing Project for Rural Single Mothers

Some 100 poor single mothers are the first group of beneficiaries of the Comfortable Housing Project for poor rural single mothers in Liaoning Province, and they will move into their new houses in the autumn.

2008-11-13 12:42:36 / 1072 readings

246. Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook

In a three-year collaborative effort, the World Bank, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations, and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) jointly produced the Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook which draws from the operations of the three agencies.

2008-11-06 11:56:06 / 994 readings

247. Islamists Stone to Death Somali Woman for Adultery

Somali Islamists have stoned to death a woman accused of adultery in the first such public killing by the militants for about two years, witnesses said. The 23-year-old woman was placed in a hole up to her neck for the execution late on Monday in front of hundreds of people in a square of the southern port of Kismayu, which the Islamist insurgents captured in August.

2008-11-05 12:08:48 / 878 readings

248. Posters of Women Barred on Buses in Jerusalem

Israel may be gearing up for its second woman Prime Minister, Tzipi Livni, but a bus company is refusing to put up posters of female contestants vying for city council elections.

2008-11-05 11:56:50 / 980 readings

249. Gender Pay Gap Lower in Large Cities

For years, the difference between the gross hourly earnings of women and of men has remained constant for German white-collar employees at about 30 percent. It is obvious that regional factors play an important role in explaining this difference. In rural areas, the gender pay gap is especially pronounced (2006: 33 percent) while in metropolitan areas it is considerably lower than the average (2006: 12 percent).

2008-10-29 12:49:14 / 945 readings

250. Extend New Media Rules to Chinese Reporters

 If fully implemented, Beijing’s decision to permanently enshrine in law key provisions of its Olympics-related temporary regulations on foreign media could herald a less restrictive reporting climate in China, Human Rights Watch said lately.

2008-10-29 11:13:53 / 863 readings

251. Assistant or Associate Professor in Macroeconomics

Drew University, a highly selective liberal arts college located 30 miles outside New York City, invites applications for a tenure-track assistant or associate professor in Macroeconomics beginning September 2009, pending budget approval.

2008-10-29 10:41:26 / 1014 readings

252. Riot Police Attack Women in Zimbabwe

RIOT police in Harare, today descended on hundreds of women this morning who were peacefully protesting over the delayed
conclusion of the peace talks between Zimbabwe's three major political parties. At least 47 women were arrested around 10 in the morning and over 100 were beaten in the city as they were walking to the venue of the talks scheduled to begin this afternoon.

2008-10-28 15:46:41 / 842 readings

253. Women to Rule Rwanda Parliament

Rwanda will be the first country where women will outnumber men in parliament, preliminary election results show.

2008-10-14 13:20:54 / 994 readings

254. Who Answers to Women?

Governments and Multilateral Organizations Must Do a Better Job of Answering to Women for Commitments Made, Says New UNIFEM Report

2008-10-14 13:09:32 / 934 readings

255. Domesticating the Public Sphere

Today, the women have politicised the space and the man as provider exist no more. He is unemployed, the families have become more varied in form and we, women feel much more deserving of rights than we did before.

2008-10-14 12:01:50 / 886 readings
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