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211. Paris Conference on the Right to Abortion

250 participants from 25 countries took part in the conference "The right to abortion: What is at stake for women in Europe?" organized by the French Movement for Family Planning on September 19-20 in Paris.

2008-10-13 14:59:51 / 963 readings

212. Human Rights & Genocide Studies

In recent years there has been a growing academic and practical interest in human rights and the separate but related issue of genocide, with an increasing concern with how genocide might be prevented or halted. Commencing October 2008, the Master of Arts in Human Rights and Genocide Studies is concerned directly with these major issues of our time.

2008-10-13 14:51:58 / 978 readings

213. Narrating Women’s Experiences

ENQUIRE aims to be established as a high quality online journal for the Social Sciences which provides an encouraging and exciting space for academic research from the UK and world-wide.

2008-10-03 07:56:18 / 964 readings

214. Program Director: Commodities for Livelihoods

The CGIAR Gender & Diversity Program is assisting Bioversity International to mobilize applications from women scientists and professionals. If you or the candidate would like more information about the opportunity in question, please inquire directly from Francesca Fabi at

2008-09-30 14:17:25 / 956 readings

215. Support the EWL 50/50 Campaign

Support the European Women’s Lobby 50/50 Campaign “No Modern European Democracy without Gender Equality! The European wide Campaign aims to increase the presence of women at the highest level of European politics and to encourage women and voters in general to cast their votes in the next European elections. The Campaign website offers different tools to be involved and influence political parties and decision-makers in views of the European elections 2009.

2008-09-30 12:15:40 / 984 readings

216. Civil Society within the European Neighbourhood

EUDIMENSIONS seeks to understand the implications of the emerging geopolitical contexts for crossborder cooperation and political relationships between the EU and neighbouring states. More specifically, we scrutinise the development of a Wider European political community as manifested by co-operation initiatives and changing political discourses that relate communities and groups to each other across national and EU borders.

2008-09-30 11:55:14 / 985 readings

217. Rights and Realities Conference

Are you struggling with implementing sexual and reproductive health and rights projects using a Rights Based Approach? Do you sometimes feel squeezed in between international rights and local realities? Do you wonder how we can truly hold people accountable for protecting and afeguarding rights? Then you should attend our conference!

2008-09-30 10:05:51 / 973 readings

218. 5th European Symposium on Gender & ICT

The 5th European Gender and ICT Symposium will take a closer look at the complex interdependences between gender and ICT. Analyses of current ICT use and education on a global level and under various local conditions will be presented and new constructive approaches to gender-aware software design will be identified at the conference. Innovative solutions to overcome the barriers, to encourage participation, and to equally empower women and men by means of Information Technology will be discussed.

2008-09-30 09:52:21 / 952 readings

219. Protests Against Influencing of Structural Funds Against Gender NGOs

Czech Women's Lobby platform  requests an investigation into the content and the footnote of the No. 26 E.U. grant competition announcement for the area 3.4. Equal Opportunities of Men and Women at the Labor Market and Reconciling Family and Professional Life (OP LZZ) published by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs on August 25, 2008.  The request concerns specifically the footnote in the grant qualifications section that states: “Note:  Projects may not be of political nature and must not promote any political or ideological aims, including feminist or masculinist ideologies." Here  you can read letter, Czech Women´s Lobby wrote to the Minister without portfolio Džamila Stehlíková who is also responsible for human rights and equal opportunities issues.

2008-09-23 21:30:21 / 1224 readings

220. Problems With Maternity Care in Czech Republic

Even today, after almost 20 years of democracy, the maternity care in the Czech Republic fails to provide suitable alternatives for all mothers and babies: birth is considered unsafe outside large hospitals, birthing women have to comply with unnecessary routine interventions and are often separated from their babies after birth, and independent midwifery is suppressed by state authorities.

2008-09-23 20:27:07 / 990 readings

221. No Modern European Democracy Without Gender Equality

Why do the majority of European decision-makers wear a suit and a tie? How is this linked to the so called “democratic deficit”? What is the experience of women who have reached high level decision-making positions? What would change in the European Union if we had 50% women in power?


2008-09-10 14:05:06 / 950 readings

222. Global meeting of National NGO Platforms: France

Coordination SUD and CONCORD are inviting to the first global meeting of National NGO Platforms (27/28 Oct. 08), which will be hosted by Coordination SUD during the French Presidency of the EU. This first global meeting is followed by the French platform's presidency event which is co-organised by CONCORD (29/30 Oct 08: "Europe as perceived by the other regions of the world").

2008-09-09 09:47:31 / 1049 readings

223. Journalist Award 2008: Competition Now Open

Now in its fifth year, this EU-wide competition recognises journalists who write articles on discrimination and diversity issues either in online or print media. In 2008 a special award will also be given for articles which examine discrimination against the Roma.

2008-09-09 09:12:24 / 963 readings

224. Rural Employment and Poverty Reduction

The CGIAR Gender & Diversity Program is assisting the *Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) *to mobilize applications from women scientists and professionals.  We would greatly appreciate your assistance in bringing this announcement to the attention of qualified candidates.

2008-09-09 07:33:48 / 1018 readings

225. Evaluator UN Trust Fund projects Ukraine

The Kiev School of Equal Opportunities and International Humanitarian Center ‘Rozrada’, being the implementers of the two complementary projects with funding from UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women (, are finalizing the implementation of their 2-years projects by November 2008 and are looking for International Evaluator to undertake a final evaluation of their projects.

2008-09-08 13:35:10 / 1022 readings
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