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211. Nominate Someone for Anita Borg Social Impact Award.

The fifth Anita Borg Social Impact Award, an international prize, will honor an individual or team who has caused technology to have a positive impact on the lives of women and society or who has caused women to have a significant impact on the design and use of technology. The recipient of the 2009 Anita Borg Social Impact Award will receive a $10,000 award and will be honored at the 2009 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing conference Awards Presentation to be held in Tucson, Arizona, October 1, 2009.

2009-02-21 16:22:56 / 913 readings

212. Support for a Georgian Organization "Women and Development"

Association “Woman and Development” works in Shida Kartli; its office is located in the city of Gori. The mission of the organization is gender education, woman and girls’ rights protection, psychosocial rehabilitation of marginalized women and girls, eradication of poorness among the women and increase the economical well-being.

2009-02-20 12:43:04 / 900 readings

213. Call for Applications: World Pulse: Voices of Our Future

Welcome to the Voices of Our Future Applicants group! By joining this group, you are embarking on an exciting journey on the frontiers of new media and global womenʼs empowerment. We are thrilled you have decided to apply.

2009-02-18 17:11:47 / 908 readings

214. World Outgames 2nd International Conference on LGBT Human Rights

The name of the conference "Love of Freedom - Freedom to Love" summarises what it is all about: the love for the freedom that allows us our love life, our sexuality and our gender identity without fear or discrimination or criminalisation. Under this banner, the overall goal of the conference is to reaffirm and defend the human right of every LGBT person in the world to participate fully, equally and openly in every part of life.

2009-02-17 21:20:56 / 960 readings

215. Call for Papers for conference in Montreal on the 20th Anniversary of the Polytechnique Massacre of Women

On December 6, 1989 at the École Polytechnique de Montréal, a man murdered 14 women because they were women. He declared in a letter that he wanted “to send feminists back to their maker” because they had “always ruined [his] life.” The social shock wave touched off by this anti-feminist assault has given rise to debates over the meaning of the event.

2009-02-15 15:55:59 / 1009 readings

216. Mary Fran Myers Gender and Disaster Award 2009 Nominees Sought

The Gender and Disaster Network and the Natural Hazards Center invite nominations of those who should be recognized for their efforts to advance gender-sensitive policy, practice, or research in the areas of disaster risk reduction. Established in 2002, the Mary Fran Myers Award recognizes that vulnerability to disasters and mass emergencies is influenced by social, cultural, and economic structures that marginalize women and girls, and may also expose boys and men to harm.

2009-02-15 13:00:44 / 1016 readings

217. OSI Women's Program Call for Proposals

Proposals must be received using the attached template in English by email (preferred), fax or mail on or by March 8, 2009. The mission of IWP is to use grant-making and programmatic efforts to promote and protect the rights of women and girls in priority areas around the globe where the principles of good governance and respect for the rule of law are absent or destroyed because of conflict.  IWP seeks to promote the advancement of women’s rights and gender equality in law and practice, and the empowerment of women to ensure participation in the democratic processes. 

2009-02-15 11:19:29 / 998 readings

218. Petition. Let’s Put Finance in its Place!

Call for the signature of NGOs, trade unions and social movements. Belem, February the 1st of 2009. The financial crisis is a systemic crisis that emerges in the context of global crises (climate, food, energy, social…) and of a new balance of power ...

2009-02-11 16:10:23 / 810 readings

219. Portraying Gender - Photo Competition

The World Association for Christian Communication Photographic Competition 2009 has been launched. The competition, in its sixth year, is being run on Flickr  for the fourth time!

2009-02-11 08:21:15 / 913 readings

220. AWID's Article on What Happened to Women's Rights in 2008?

Last year was a year of challenges and opportunities for women worldwide… writes Rochelle Jones for AWID. Key events and issues in 2008 – resulting in both losses and gains for women - include: Barack Obama’s election as President of the United States; the severe and continued crackdown on women’s human rights defenders; Rwanda setting a new world record for female representation in Parliament; a global food crisis; a global financial crisis; UN Member States passing a resolution to establish a new UN Agency for women; and, unfortunately, increasing crackdowns on women’s freedoms due to fundamentalist forces.

2009-02-10 23:48:26 / 927 readings

221. Immediately Release Imprisoned Iranian Women's Rights Activists

International Women's Day is being welcomed on several fronts—by women's rights activists and by those intent on impeding the Iranian women's movement. It seems that women's rights defenders have to greet pressure, prison, and heavy sentences, as the delight of commemorating International Women's Day has been darkened by the sadness of the imprisonment of women's rights activists—by the imprisonment of our colleagues.

2009-02-04 21:48:48 / 937 readings

222. Tajikistan: Problems of Divorced Women

Missing out on a state-registered wedding can be storing up trouble for wives in future years. By Mukammal Odinaeva and Lola Olimova in Dushanbe. More and more married women in Tajikistan are being deprived of property rights, especially if they get married without going through the state approved legal formalities.

2009-02-03 10:20:52 / 976 readings

223. Where are Women at World Economic Forum?

This mess was made by men. Now let the women have their say. It's ludicrous that men dominated the debate in Davos. The single biggest force for economic growth is being ignored writes  Ruth Sunderland Observer's Business Editor.

2009-02-02 14:01:50 / 880 readings

224. Call for Contributions - Manual Documenting Violations Against Women's Rights Defenders

As a follow-up to the International Women Human Rights Defenders Campaign of 2005 and the development of the guidebook "Claiming Rights, Claiming Justice: A Guidebook for Women Human Rights Defenders", ISHR in collaboration with the WHRD Campaign convened an international consultation on women human rights defenders in Bogota, Colombia in 2008. One of the main objectives was to develop a manual that would serve as a simple and practical tool to assist organisations, groups and individuals in documenting violations against women human rights defenders. Deadline: February 6th, 2009.

2009-01-31 21:05:49 / 877 readings

225. President Obama Rescinds Global Gag Rule

In one of his first official acts, President Barack Obama today rescinded the Global Gag Rule, a Reagan-era regulation that bars foreign organizations from using their own money for abortion care or advocacy if they accept U.S. aid for family planning. The move signals a much-anticipated shift in U.S. policies in support of reproductive health and rights both at home and overseas.

2009-01-27 16:18:55 / 960 readings
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