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166. Apply for a Job in UNIFEM Bratislava: Programme Specialist/National Programme Officer

Since 2001, UNIFEM Regional Office for CEE based in Bratislava, Slovakia has been supporting and developing innovative and catalytic initiatives promoting women’s rights and gender equality in Central and Eastern European countries (the Western Balkans).

2009-03-01 19:09:01 / 1116 readings

167. Headscarf Bans for Teachers in Germany

German state bans on religious symbols and clothing for teachers and other civil servants discriminate against Muslim women who wear the headscarf, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.

2009-02-27 20:28:57 / 910 readings

168. Training for Succesful Litigation in Cases of Violence Against Women

Women's Human Rights in Central  and Eastern Europe Project 2008 - 2009: The project’s main focus is to provide expert support to lawyers and non governmental organisations (NGOs) in the region working on women’s human rights cases. We intend to bring, or assist partners to bring, cases to the European Court of Human Rights. The cases we target are those that provide not only the individual with a remedy for specific women’s human rights violations, but are also likely to have a wider impact. This could be by changing the national law of the country concerned, raising standards within the region, expanding jurisprudence at the international level or contributing to broader policy debate or advocacy campaigns.

2009-02-26 09:25:26 / 934 readings

169. Lawsuit before the European Court of Human Rights on Behalf of a Woman from Moldova Sentenced for 20 Years for Abortion

In May 2006, Z., a woman from one of Moldova's poorest regions, had an abortion at home. Suffering from severe blood loss, she rushed to a local hospital, only to be reported to the police by doctors and then detained.Even though there is no criminal penalty under Moldovan law for women who have illegal abortions, Z. was charged with intentional and premeditated murder. In December 2006, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

2009-02-25 21:37:12 / 903 readings

170. Hungary: Compensation to Sterilised Romani Woman

On 2 January 2001, a Romani woman (Ms A.S.) was sterilised by doctors at the Fehérgyarmat hospital without her consent. During preparation for a caesarian section operation to remove a dead foetus, Ms A.S. was asked to sign forms giving her consent to this operation as well as to her sterilisation. However the doctors did not explain the procedure, its nature, possible risks, or what the consequences of being sterilised would be. Only after the operation did Ms A.S. learn that she had been sterilised.

2009-02-25 21:22:18 / 834 readings

171. Can the Introduction of a Minimum Wage in FYR Macedonia Decrease the Gender Wage Gap?

Policy research paper by Diego F. Angel-Urdinola. This paper—a product of the Human Development Sector Unit , Europe and Central Asia Region—is part of a larger effort in the department to lead policy making in Labor Market Policy and Regulation in transition countries.

2009-02-22 12:02:42 / 910 readings

172. Conference in Slovenia:"Ways of Implementing the EU Directives on Violence against Women, Children and Youth. March 20-22.

The conference is part of the international project "Ways of Implementing the EU Directives on Violence against Women, Children and Youth: Good Practices and Recommendations" founded by the European Commission. An expert group in Ljubljana is preparing an analysis of changes in legislation concerned with violence against women, children and youth in 10 EU Member States in the time period from 1991-2006.

2009-02-19 14:27:58 / 853 readings

173. Report "New Realities concerning European Left Wing Gender Equality Politics: Case Study of Women in Left Wing Parliamentary Parties in the South Eastern European region"

There is a common belief, that labor, socialist and SD parties and their women's organizations are the champions of gender equality efforts in their countries. There are some signs indicating that this is not any more the case everywhere in traditional democratic European societies with strong SD parties; for example in Germany...

2009-02-18 17:24:38 / 895 readings

174. Two Job Announcements at ERGO Network

The European Roma Grassroots Organizations (ERGO) Network is announcing the opening of two exciting positions with the organization.  Please, note that the positions have different closing dates for submissions and the closing date for Policy and Information Officer is with  the prolonged term till 23th of February 2009. 

2009-02-18 15:47:31 / 1093 readings

175. Employment and voluntary opportunities at Women and Children First (UK)

We are currently seeking a Programmes Manager who will work with WCF’s partners to develop and implement innovative programmes which address maternal and newborn health, focus on community mobilisation, and have an impact on women’s empowerment in some of the poorest communities in Africa and Asia.

2009-02-17 23:20:33 / 904 readings

176. The European Roma Rights Centre Seeks Legal Consultants for Trafficking Study

The ERRC is currently seeking 4 legal consultants to work on a project it is implementing in partnership with People in Need Slovakia (PiN) on trafficking Romani youth and women in Eastern and Central Europe. Within this project, implemented in Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Bulgaria, the ERRC and PiN seek to analyse the effectiveness of national laws and policies in prevention and victim support, and are looking for consultants for its implementation.

2009-02-16 22:51:54 / 854 readings

177. Leadership through the Gender Lens - International Conference Call for Papers

An International Conference on Leadership through the Gender Lens: Women, Men and Equality in Organisations, October 22 - 23, 2009, Venue: Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland.

2009-02-15 21:49:24 / 1092 readings

178. 'For Diversity. Against Discrimination.': EU Award-winning Articles

The EU's 'For Diversity. Against Discrimination' prize for journalists has been awarded today to a French article about gay football players, in a tie with a Danish article about women who convert to Islam. The third prize went to a Portuguese article while the special Roma Award has been won by a Greek journalist. The award ceremony will take place in Prague this evening at the Kaiserstejnsky Palace.

2009-02-15 19:27:19 / 843 readings

179. Practical Guide for Feeding Infants Born to HIV-Positive Women [Russian]

This guide was developed as part of a technical assistance project for healthcare workers treating HIV in Odessa, Ukraine. It is intended for use by individuals who provide counseling to HIV-infected mothers and for relatives who care for the infant; physicians working in obstetric and pediatric wards, women's counseling centers, and pediatric clinics; nurses who provide care to women and children; and social workers and other community members who have completed a special training course in HIV counseling.

2009-02-11 00:11:53 / 932 readings

180. The European Social Science History Conference

The European Social Science History Conference (ESSCH) is the largest Europe based conference for historians and social scientists in all fields, gathering more than 1000 participants every second year.  The next European Social Science History Conference will take place in Ghent, Belgium, from the 13th to the 16th of April 2010.

2009-02-10 23:40:21 / 873 readings
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