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1. 2013 Book and Journal Report Available On-line

Since 1991, the NEWW Book and Journal Project has supported the exchange of ideas and knowledge between women's movements in the U.S and Central and Eastern Europe, the Newly Independent States and Russia (CEE/NIS/Russia). The Project has aided in the establishment of gender studies and women's rights centers and libraries, and has supported original research and publications on women's changing situation throughout CEE/NIS/Russia.
2014-01-19 23:19:06 / 5359 readings

2. Call for Speakers for Fall 2013: NYU-NEWW Gender and Transformation in Europe Workshop

The GENDER and TRANSFORMATION in EUROPE Workshop—a joint project from New York University and the Network of East-West Women–invites speakers to submit proposals for Friday afternoon talks for Fall 2013 at the NYU Center for European and Mediterranean Studies.

2013-07-22 19:01:07 / 1721 readings

3. Gender Equality in Poland and Arab Countries, 1-2 March, Gdansk, Poland

Problems in the southern Mediterranean will be presented based on issues of gender equality in Poland, and how the policy of equality affects the quality of democracy. Old Town Hall, ul. Korzenna 33/35, Gdańsk,

2013-02-27 20:56:42 / 2901 readings

4. Gender and Crisis across Europe

The GENDER and TRANSFORMATION in EUROPE Workshop—a joint project from New York University and the Network East-West Women--invites speakers to submit proposals for Friday afternoon talks for Fall 2012 at the NYU Center for European and Mediterranean Studies.

2012-06-22 09:06:53 / 2810 readings

5. 2013 SAIF Domestic Violence Fellowship at the Law Faculty of the State University of New York at Buffalo

Call for Applications for Fall 2013 Award.

2012-02-13 08:23:03 / 2450 readings

6. Malgorzata Tarasiewicz become a contact person of Gdansk for the Union of The Baltic Cities in the Commission on Gender Equality.

Union of the Baltic Cities is a voluntary, proactive network mobilizing the shared potential of over 100 member cities for democratic, economic, social, cultural and environmentally sustainable development of the Baltic Sea Region.

2010-09-20 12:24:11 / 3274 readings

7. "South Baltic - violence free zone" second partners' meeting

We are pleased to inform that on 28th and 29th of May, in Gdansk will take place second partner’s meeting schedule in the project „South Baltic violence free zone”.


2010-05-25 13:17:23 / 3056 readings

8. "South Baltic Violence Free Zone" - seminar in Sweden

On the 8th of April, in Ronneby, Sweden, took place third and last one seminar scheduled for the project “South Baltic area – Violence Free Zone”. The subject of the seminar was “Children as a crime of domestic violence”. Participants talked about the rising numbers of children victims and institutional and non-institutional ways of help.

2010-05-14 15:23:33 / 3021 readings

9. Gender and Transformation: Women in Europe Workshop

New York University Center for European and Mediterranean Studies and the Network of East-West Women present the 'Gender and Transformation: Women in Europe Workshop'March 5, 2010

2010-03-01 14:47:39 / 2526 readings

10. South Baltic Programme Seminary in Kretinga, Lithuania

On 1-2 of December 2009 NEWW participated in a seminar and study visits in Kretinga, Lithuania. The visit was organized by our Lithuanian Partner  in the project ‘South Baltic Area – Violence Free Zone: Women Training and Education Centre in Kretinga. 

2010-01-06 11:11:51 / 2421 readings

11. European Observatory on Violence against Women in Gdansk

The meeting of the Observatory on Violence against Women took place in Gdansk on 18-19 June 2009 that was organized by the Network of East-West Women NEWW-Polska. The Observatory is the project managed by the European Policy Action Centre on Violence against Women that was established by the European Women’s Lobby in 1997.

2009-07-03 11:15:03 / 3194 readings

12. The South Baltic - Violence Free Zone

The first partners’ meeting was held in Sopot on 28th-29th May 2009 in the framework of the project “The South Baltic Domestic Violence against Women Free Zone”. The organizer of the meeting was the Network of East-West Women NEWW-Polska. The participants were the partners of NEWW in the project: Mona Olausson from the Women’s Shelter in Karlshamn, Sweden, Jurgita Cinskiene from Kretinga Womens' Information and Training Center, Lithuania and Ludmila Wasiliewa from Blagosemya Organization in Kaliningrad, Russia.

2009-06-24 11:34:58 / 2875 readings

13. Development & Gender for Eastern Europe, Caucasus & Central Asia

NEWW which has been coordinating EU-CIS Gender Watch Project is glad that new organizations are undertaking research inspired by NEWW's project and we are hoping that our training “The New Instruments of the EU Development Policies and their monitoring in the Region of CEE/CIS” has been enabling NGOs from the Region to engage more effectively with the EU Development Policy Debate.  Hence we recommend a new report "Development and Gender for Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia" of IGPN.

2009-06-05 12:50:24 / 2468 readings

14. URGENT ACTION - Women's Abortion Rights Under Threat in Romania

Daniela Draghici, Romania is informing us about worrying news from the Romanian Parliament, where anti-choice amendments to the abortion law could have serious repercussions on women’s access to therapeutic abortion after 24 weeks. The amendment, which relates specifically to Article 199 of the Draft of the New Criminal Code, could grant fetuses the status of personhood post 24 weeks.   


2009-05-03 20:58:03 / 3119 readings

15. NEWW is Signing an Open Letter on Situation in Moldova

We, representatives of civil society organizations and networks in Europe, wish to express our  deep concern about the situation in the Republic of Moldova.



2009-04-14 15:59:00 / 2214 readings
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