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The project "South Baltic area - Violence Free Zone" is answering a need for cooperation and exchange of good practices on ways of opposing and preventing domestic violence against women between civil society organizations, local governments and institutions like police or crisis intervention centers. The main goal of the project is to declare and create "Violence against women free zone" in the South Baltic Region. Our main goal is to make our region friendlier and safer for women. The countries from this region have different historical, social or political background but there is the common problem, namely - Violence Against Women.

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Seminar and study-visit, Gdansk, Poland


The main subject: methods of dealing with perpetrators that will help to stop further acts of violence.

Seminar and study-visit, Kretinga, Lithuania


The main subject: building the network of the institutions and non-governmental organizations that act in the field of the domestic violence.

Seminar and study-visit, Karlshamn, Sweden

7-9 04 2010

The main subject: the function of the family dysfunctional families where domestic violence against women exists and its influence on the children and another member of the family.

Publishing the Regional Report concerning domestic violence against women in the South Baltic Region

September 2010

The Regional Report will be the publication that contains both quantitative data and qualitative data concerning domestic violence against women. The publication will be an excellent tool for advocacy among local politicians and local governments. The Report will be translated into the mother tongues and English.

Social campaign, Gdańsk (Poland), Karlshamn (Sweden), Kretinga (Lithuania)

October - December 2010

During the social campaign the advertisements will be broadcast on the local TV concerning domestic violence against women, meetings with the local politicians and articles in the local newspapers about domestic violence.

Final conference, Gdansk, Poland

February 2011

The conference will be the summary of the project. The representatives of the local authorities from four regions: Gdansk, Kretinga, Karlshamn and Kalinigrad will sign the common agreement concerning activities eliminating domestic violence against women in the South Baltic Region.

Project Part-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund)
Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship
Honorable patron the Marshal of Pomorskie Voivodeship
Mayor of the Gdansk City
Honorable Patron the Mayor of the Gdansk City