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NEWW is a member of:
Social Watch

Legal counselling

NEWW-Polska offers free legal assistance to women who:
  • are victims of violence (or whose family or friends are victims of violence)
  • have problems at work
  • do not know their rights in divorce proceedings
  • do not know how to obtain financial support from their partners for themselves and their children
Call and make an appointment with a lawyer:
Tel. (058) 344 38 53
A lawyer is available:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 16.00-20.00
80 - 271 Gdańsk-Wrzeszcz
ul. Miszewskiego 17,
Room 100
Counselling is also available on-line at:
The project is financed by The Regional Programme for the Prevention and Solving of Alcohol-related Problems, City of Gdansk Health Department.
Women are the weaker party in both social and family life. They are discriminated against in the workplace by their employers, and they often become the victims of violence at home, at work and in the street.
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